Emmerdale fans furious at ‘disrespectful’ Harriet as she sleeps with Malone in church

She's a vicar!

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Emmerdale viewers have lashed out at vicar Harriet Finch after she slept with dodgy DI Malone IN CHURCH.

Harriet is supposedly the upstanding vicar of the local community, but she’s actually already shacked up with known criminal Will Taylor.

Although he claims to be reformed, Will had been working for DI Malone doing drugs runs, and Harriet recently found out the truth.

Malone and Harriet have a past in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Last week it was revealed Malone and Harriet had a past together that was more than just colleagues, and he subsequently even left his wife for her.

What happened between Harriet and DI Malone in Emmerdale?

But last night (Monday, May 19) as things progressed between them, the chemistry between them was still obvious and they soon fell back into old habits.

When Dawn arrived at the church looking for Harriet she had no idea that it was a mere minutes after Harriet had bedded DI Malone in the vestry of the church!

Viewers saw Malone buttoning his shirt back up and putting his coat back on, while Harriet chatted with Dawn in the church.

After Dawn left, Harriet told Malone what happened was a “big mistake.”

But he replied: “Which you would have made twice if Dawn hadn’t walked in.”

As Harriet told him to get out, Malone quipped: “All right, but let me know when we’re doing it again,” before whistling on his way. It was very clear from the way Harriet reacted that she knows she won’t be able to keep away from him in future.

But far from being behind the illicit liaison, fans thought Harriet had behaved appallingly because she’d slept with him in the church.

What did fans say?

What happens next?

Things will continue for Harriet and Malone when he texts asking to see her again. Although she is full of guilt, it’s clear she won’t be able to resist him for long.

Meanwhile, Will is putting plans in motion to win Harriet back. He gets advice from Billy and then comes up with a plan.

The next thing Harriet knows, Will is on one knee asking her to marry him! She can’t believe it, but with her guilty conscience threatening to overwhelm her she accepts in order to ease it.

However, it doesn’t really work as Will is joyfully planning their wedding and a celebratory engagement party, and Harriet is desperately trying to deflect attention away from them.

Will she really go through with the wedding? Or is Malone too tempting? Will they subsequently embark on a full-blown affair?

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