Emmerdale FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Will Belle forgive Jamie?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Jamie and Belle’s affair is back on – but Andrea vows revenge…

Meanwhile, Moira is offended by Cain, is this the final nail in the coffin of their marriage? And Vinny finds out the truth about his dad.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale.

1. Jamie reassures Belle

Jamie and Andrea return from their holiday, but betrayed Belle refuses to talk to Jamie.

However, she’s taken aback when he reveals he’s hired a solicitor to start divorce proceedings.

Belle opens up to Jamie about her past relationship with a married man, and Jamie promises her this is different and he’s serious about their future together.

Will Belle fall for it?

2. Andrea plots revenge

Andrea sees Jamie’s laptop and realises the affair with Belle is still going on.

Jamie then tells Andrea he’s spending the night at a conference and she’s distraught, knowing he’s lying and he’s really going away with Belle.

A tearful Andrea tells Leyla what’s going on and Leyla advises her friend to ditch her husband, but Andrea is unsure.

Andrea later vows revenge and recruits Leyla to help her…

3. Cain messes up on Moira’s birthday

It’s Moira’s birthday and she’s touched when Cain gives her a card from the boys.

But she’s stung when she opens it and sees what it says.

Angry Moira takes her upset out on Rhona.

4. Paul slips up

Vinny and his new friend ‘Alex’ chat at the Dingles’ when Paul makes a careless comment suggesting he knows Mandy.

He covers, but will Vinny suspect?

5. Mandy wants answers from Paul

Mandy spots Paul leaving and hides so she is not seen. She’s fuming Paul is trying to get closer to Vinny and secretly texts Paul from Vinny’s phone.

Paul is surprised when he sees Mandy not Vinny at the meeting.

6. Vinny finds out the truth

Paul barges into the Dingles’ to talk to Mandy, where she begs him to stay away.

But mid-argument a confused Vinny walks in and their hearts sink.

Mandy tries to cover, but Paul reveals the truth to a stunned Vinny, who is left reeling that his new friend is actually his dad.

He storms off, leaving Mandy fearful she’s lost him for good.

Will the Dingles find Vinny and bring him home?

7. Will proposes to Harriet

Harriet is completely floored after Will’s proposal.

He bares his soul and despite feeling guilty about Malone, she accepts.

Will is thrilled, but it’s clear Harriet’s burying her real feelings and she soon feels under more pressure at a celebratory engagement party.

8. Liam and Leanna make up

Leanna is fuming after Leyla slapped her, but although Leanna and her dad soon make up, it’s not looking so good for Leyla and Liam.

What does the future hold for the couple now father and daughter are back on speaking terms?

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