Emmerdale fans fear Victoria has been raped and predict she’ll get pregnant

The Big Night Out did not end well for her

Emmerdale viewers have a heartbreaking theory about Victoria Sugden, after this week’s shocking Big Night Out scenes.

They believe she was raped after being left alone in the nightclub, and predict she gets pregnant.

Some even think she will choose to carry the baby full-term, and may even give the baby to Aaron and Robert.

Victoria Sugden Emmerdale Big Night Out
Was Victoria raped? (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale’s highly-anticipated event episode appeared to end badly for Victoria, who was left alone and drunk in the nightclub.

Fans were left worried and tearful for the character, who was clearly vulnerable from attack.

On Thursday night (25 April), tense scenes showed the Hotten nightclub being evacuated after Kerry accidentally crashed into the fire alarm.

Victoria’s in a bad way after the Big Night Out scenes (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Victoria was seen swigging from a bottle of fizz, apparently smashed.

The last sighting of her was as she seemingly looked at someone she recognised, and her vision blurred.

A new teaser trailer focusing on the aftermath of the evening sees Victoria crying and visibly shaken.

The short film, entitled The Big Night Out revealed, also shows Victoria’s ex-mother-in-law Moira pleading with her saying: “If something has happened, you can tell me.”

A new teaser trailer shows Victoria in an emotional state (Credit: ITV)

ED! readers are now worried that Victoria could have been drugged and raped, and others predict she falls pregnant.

Writing on ED!’s Facebook page, one said: “I think Victoria was raped and she ends up pregnant. And because she’s been wanting a baby for so long, she’s in a dilemma whether to keep it or not 🤷‍♀️ I think that’s going to be her storyline.”

Another wrote: “I think Victoria gets raped.”

Victoria is left drunk and disorientated at the nightclub (Credit: ITV)

On Twitter, many others thought the same, with one typing: “Victoria’s raped. Get’s pregnant. Keeps baby. Robert and Aaron adopt the baby.”

Another said: “Victoria will end up pregnant after the rape. Watch this space.”

A third said: ‘I think Victoria has been attacked by that lad who’s after the brothers. I think she will end up pregnant. Something she has always wanted, but never happened.”

“I predict #Victoria will fall pregnant by her rapist!! #Emmerdale,” said one more.

During the dramatic two-part episode, Maya’s affair with Jacob was finally exposed when Priya caught them kissing outside, David and Tracy shared a kiss, Rhona looked set to cheat on Pete and Billy Fletcher went out carrying a knife.

Newcomer Nate Robinson also arrived as Rhona’s eye candy, but some theorists have even suggested he could be the rapist…

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