Emmerdale fans cheer on Andrea as she exposes Jamie’s secret to Moira

Jamie got on Andrea's bad side

Emmerdale fans cheered on Andrea Tate as she exposed Jamie’s secret to Moira.

A few months ago, Jamie ran over Moira and left her in the road. Afterwards he told his wife Andrea what happened and eventually he told his lover, Belle the truth.

But in last night’s episode (Tuesday, September 22) Jamie made a big mistake and got on Andrea’s bad side.

After an argument with Jamie over their daughter Millie, Andrea came close to telling Moira who ran her over.

But Jamie overheard and intercepted, playing nice to Andrea and apologising for his behaviour.

Jamie was impressed with himself as he managed to get Andrea on side (Credit: ITV)

However, later Andrea overheard Jamie bragging to Belle about how he tricked Andrea into thinking they were on the same side for Millie and that she would do anything for him if she still believed there was a chance of them getting back together.

Furious, Andrea went over to Butler’s Farm to see Moira and told her the truth about who ran her over.

She said: “I lied for him but he’s not worth it, he never was worth it. He deserves to pay for what he did to you.

Andrea told Moira the truth (Credit: ITV)

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“He’s the one that knocked you over. He left you for dead.”

Fans were thrilled Moira found out the truth and glad Andrea was the one to expose him.

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Later this week Moira confronts Belle about what she’s learnt, but Belle plays dumb. However Moira and Cain are convinced she’s lying.

When Nate arrives at Butler’s farm, Moira tells him the news and how Cain is in pursuit of Belle and Jamie.

Cain goes after Jamie and Belle (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Belle returns to Home Farm and tells Jamie that Andrea told Moira his secret.

Although he’s shocked he regains his cool and tells her the damaged car parts are at the bottom of the lake, certain there’s no evidence linking him to the crime.

Together they go check and when the arrive at the lake, Jamie declares his love for Belle. But his smile soon fades when he spots Cain approaching armed with a bar.

Belle has something to say (Credit: ITV)

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Cain confronts them, but Belle has something to say…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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