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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Emmerdale fan theories: Who is the mother after baby's remains are found at the school?

Next week the villagers will hear the tragic news

Next week sees Emmerdale village left in a state of shock after police reveal they have found human remains at the school.

Despite the drama that villagers are used to seeing, no one is prepared for the utter horror when police announce they have found the bones of a baby.

Headmistress Jessie arrives at the pub and reveals the tragic news to her neighbours leaving them shocked.

Jessie reveals the tragic news (Credit: ITV)

The police are understandably determined to get to the bottom of the grim discovery and reveal they'll be holding a press conference the following day.

As Jessie gets ready for it everyone is desperate to find out more about the mysterious bones.

However, as the conference begins, it seems the police might not need the public's help after all when they make a shocking breakthrough in the case.

At the police station DI Bradwall reveals they think the baby was left by its mother, and that they have found a photo of the most likely candidate.

The police have found a photo of the most likely candidate (Credit: ITV)

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The authorities reveal that 'Jenny Finn' - who is 16 years old in the picture - is now someone they desperately need to talk to.

However, it doesn't seem like they will have to spend long trying to work out her identity, because they police soon issue a photograph of Jenny and she looks suspiciously like someone who lives in the village.

Fans have already come up with theories as to who the mother of the baby could be.

Lydia Hart

Viewers think the baby could be Lydia's (Credit: ITV)

Lydia seems to be the most popular theory.

Lydia arrived in the village in 2016, a couple of years after the death of her husband Steve Hart.

She is currently engaged to Sam Dingle and the pair are happy together.

Last year, after Lydia didn't attend the funeral of Chas's baby daughter, Grace, Sam asked her why she didn't come to support Chas and the family and Lydia revealed she had suffered two miscarriages in the past.

Readers of ED! seem to think Lydia could be the mother of the baby.

On Facebook, in the comment section of the article Emmerdale SPOILER: Horror as human remains are unearthed at the school one reader wrote: "It'll be Sam's girlfriend."

A second put: "Lydia."

Wonder if the baby is the doctor's daughter for some reason?

A third agreed: "Lydia."

On Twitter, another viewer thinks it's Lydia too.

Maya Stepney

Paedophile Maya worked at Hotten Academy before going to prison (Credit: ITV)

School teacher Maya Stepney was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison for grooming her boyfriend David's son, 16-year-old school boy Jacob Gallagher.

Fans know that Maya was a teacher at Hotten Academy.

In the same comment section on Facebook, Entertainment Daily readers think the baby could be Maya's.

One wrote: "Maybe Maya".

Another also suggested Maya writing: "Maybe Maya had a first victim?"

On Twitter, viewers also seem to think Maya could be the mother of the child with a chilling theory.

Leanna Cavanagh or Gabby Thomas

One viewer suggested teenager Leanna could be the mother (Credit: ITV)

Leanna is the daughter of Doctor Liam Cavanagh, and Gabby Thomas is the daughter of Liam's girlfriend, Bernice.

On the Emmerdale First Look article, in the Facebook comments, a reader suggested that Leanna could be the baby's mother.

The reader wrote: "Wonder if the baby is the doctor's daughter for some reason?"

Another responded with: "Yeah was thinking that or Bernice's daughter."

Could Gabby be the mother? (Credit: ITV)

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Leanna is only around 15/16 whilst Gabby is 17. Could one of the teenagers be the mother?

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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