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Thursday 12th December 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: David fights to get through to Jacob

He's got a fight on his hands

Shop owner David Metcalfe is still desperately trying to get through to son Jacob Gallagher following Maya Stepney's imprisonment, and in next week's Emmerdale he comes up with a plan. But will it work?

Soap fans were left shocked last week when paedophile Maya was given just 12 months behind bars for her grooming of underage Jacob.

Maya received a 12 month jail sentence last week (Credit: ITV)

But while the rest of the village was left stunned at the lenient sentencing that the former teacher received, teenager Jacob was left bereft that he would be parted from Maya for so long and vowed to wait for her.

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However, since Maya went to jail, Jacob's relationship with adoptive dad David and biological mum Leyla has gone from bad to worse.

And last week saw him eventually disowning them as they tried to make him see what Maya's manipulation is doing to him.

Everyone was shocked at how lenient her sentencing was (Credit: ITV)

Despite the fact Jacob might have given up on him, David is determined not to let his son go and next week sees him come up with a new way to get closer to the confused teenager.

After receiving a call from the prison confirming that Jacob has been trying to contact Maya, David becomes concerned that nothing he has said about Maya's abuse has sunk in.

When Jacob and Pollard visit the shop, David is given hope that this is a sign his son might be ready to talk.

David tries to talk to Jacob next week, but his words fall on deaf ears (Credit: ITV)

However, sadly for David, there's no chance to build bridges when Jacob flees and they're left back at square one again.

Pollard is quick to console his son, telling him that together they will find a way to eventually break the spell that Maya has over Jacob... but it's only when his dad leaves as well that David is given food for thought.

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As he picks up a gaming controller, David realises that if Jacob won't talk to him face-to-face, then maybe he needs to take a different approach.

David comes up with a plan to get through to Jacob (Credit: ITV)

David becomes convinced that setting up an online gaming account and finding Jacob's tag could be the way of talking to his son without Jacob actually knowing who it is that he's really chatting to.

But will his plan work? Or is this latest idea about to backfire on David big time?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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