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Emmerdale drops clue that Sam and Lydia Dingle are set for heartbreak

Facing serious illness

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Emmerdale has dropped a huge clue Sam and Lydia Dingle are set for a devastating heartbreak.

The family has been put through hell these last few years with tragic deaths of Eve and matriarch Lisa.

Emmerdale characters Sam and Lydia have to confront her potential Huntington’s disease (Credit: ITV)

But it looks like there’s more trauma coming.

Viewers know Lydia Dingle was told she has a 50 per cent chance of having Huntington’s Disease after her dad died of it – but she refused to take the test.

This week viewers were shocked as Lydia began aggressively shouting at husband Sam – a far cry from her usual calm and caring demeanour.

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He had accidentally knocked some bunting off the sofa causing her to lose it.

She screamed at Sam: “Oh no, Sam, you great useless clob!

“The bunting into the dog’s bowl, it’s taken me ages to fold all that. Do you enjoy making my life difficult, eh?”

However next week Chas catches Lydia shouting at Sam (Credit: ITV)

“Why can’t you be more careful, eh?” Lydia demanded.

“You know sometimes Sam I am sick to the back teeth of you I really am!”

But the outburst isn’t a one off either.

Next week Chas catches Lydia once again shouting aggressively at Sam and tries to talk to her.

Karen Blick on Lydia’s illness

However the scenes could be a heartbreaking clue for upcoming Dingle’s devastation.

According to the NHS website one of the early signs of Huntington’s Disease is personality changes such as irritability or aggressive behaviour.

And with Sam’s first wife Alice having a heartbreaking death – it could almost be too much.

However actress Karen Blick has said Lydia could even flee the village to cope with the diagnosis if it is positive.

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“I think sometimes Lydia shoots from the hip and goes ‘right that’s it, I’m off'”, she said.

“One of two things could happen. She could think, ‘this is awful, I need to get out of here because I don’t want to be a burden on Sam, he went through that awful time with Alice (Sam’s former wife, who died from cancer in 2006) and I don’t want to do that’ and she might leg it as she has done in the past, just disappear.

“Maybe she’ll sit down with Sam and they’ll form a plan as her condition deteriorated of how she would be cared for, what her wishes would be, and maybe go about it that way.”

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