Emmerdale viewers brand Arthur ‘devil child’ as he wishes mum Laurel dead

Laurel told Jai about Arthur bullying Archie

Viewers of Emmerdale have branded Arthur Thomas a ‘devil child’ as he wished his mum Laurel dead.

Over the last several months, Arthur has been picking on little Archie. However he decided to come clean to Laurel after the death of his grandfather Sandy, fearing Sandy’s death was punishment for him being a bully.

After thinking things through, Laurel decided to keep quiet about Arthur’s bullying, but she was forced to tell the truth after another incident occurred in last night’s episodes (Thursday, March 12 2020).

In the Emmerdale double bill last night, Arthur tried to come clean to Jai, however he chickened out and ended up instead blaming himself for Laurel declining his proposition for them all to live together.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie
Arthur had been bullying Archie for months (Credit: ITV)

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Eventually Laurel and Jai decided they should all live together and Arthur and Archie appeared to bury the hatchet.

Jai took Arthur and Archie back to Laurel’s house but as he went out to get some ingredients for dinner, disaster struck.

Outside of the cottage, Laurel, Jai and Gabby heard a huge crash and when they went inside they found Archie on the floor and it appeared the book case had come down onto him.

Archie and Arthur had different versions of events (Credit: ITV Hub)

The two boys had completely different versions of what had happened. Arthur claimed Archie climbed up the bookshelf to get Sandy’s ship in a bottle, however Archie claimed Arthur pushed the shelf on him.

In a fit of rage, Laurel told Jai and Gabby all about Arthur’s bullying and how he’d blamed family friend Jimmy King.

Later, Arthur told his side of the story to Laurel and Gabby, but Laurel called her son and liar and said that Arthur’s late dad Ashley knows he’s a liar and would be ashamed of him.

Hurt by his mother’s words, Arthur said: “Well maybe you should go and talk to him about it. Obviously, you’d have to be dead first. Hopefully that’ll be soon.”

Laurel was shocked by her son’s words (Credit: ITV Hub)

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He then stormed off upstairs leaving Laurel and Gabby gobsmacked.

They weren’t the only one as viewers were disgusted by what Arthur said to his mum.

Do you think Arthur is telling the truth about what happened with Archie?

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