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Emmerdale: All the spoilers you need ahead of next week’s episodes

Heartbreak for Liv as Aaron abandons her

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Aaron prepares to give up on Liv as he loses the strength to support his sister. Will he really abandon her?

Meanwhile, Manpreet discovers a shocking truth about Meena and tries to put things right.

Manpreet also kisses Charles, but will he respond?

All this and more in all-new Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Aaron abandons Liv?

Aaron struggles to hold it together as he visits Liv in a court sideroom.

He tells her they bring each other down and Liv fears this is his last goodbye to her.

Heartbroken Aaron says he doesn’t have the strength to keep supporting her.

As she pleads with him to reconsider, will he walk away from his sister for good?

2. Mandy interferes

Mandy visits Liv in prison and tells her to cut all contact with Vinny.

Liv is stunned and heartbroken by Mandy’s demands.

Vinny assumes it was Chas interfering and complains to Mandy.

But will she admit the truth?

3. Manpreet catches Meena out

Manpreet is shocked when Ethan tells her Meena urged him not to contact his mum.

Horrified to think Meena is playing games with him, Manpreet vows to confront her sister.

Manpreet questions Meena on her actions, but Meena says she was doing it to protect Manpreet after they sent fake messages from Esme.

Meena cuts the conversation short and storms off.

Manpreet later persuades Ethan to try again with Esme, but is she making a mistake?

4. Manpreet and Charles admit their feelings

Charles is grateful to Manpreet for her help, leaving her feeling guilty.

As they reminisce over happier times she leans in for a kiss.

Charles pulls away and tells her it’s not the right time. Manpreet walks away.

However, he calls her back and confesses he’s never stopped loving her. He makes her promise no more secrets if they were to try again in the future.

Will Manpreet confess her meddling?

5. Dawn gets in Meena’s way again

Meena is thrilled when Billy invites her out for a day to cheer her up.

Things are going well between them – until Dawn arrives.

As Dawn eavesdrops on their conversation, it’s clear she’s jealous.

Will she finally admit she loves Billy?

6. Has Sam lost Lydia?

Sam’s distraught to think he may have lost Lydia for good.

7. Kerry returns to work

Kerry is underwhelmed on her first day back at the salon as it’s not quite what she imagined.

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