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Emmerdale Aaron set for new romance and fans are divided

Is it too soon for a new love interest?

Emmerdale fans have been left divided after it was reported that Aaron Dingle is set to embark on a new romance.

According to rumours, Aaron will embark on his first proper relationship since husband Robert Sugden went to prison and cut all ties.

Die-hard Robron fans are not impressed with the move and have suggested that it’s ‘unoriginal’ to just go with another love interest plot. Others, however, have welcomed the news with some suggesting they never thought Aaron and Robert were suited in the first place.

Aaron and Robert were cruelly torn apart by Robert’s prison sentence in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Last month, during Emmerdale‘s special lockdown episodes Aaron received a letter from Robert. It apologised for cutting off all ties when he was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years in prison for killing his sister’s rapist, Lee Posner.

It gave Aaron the closure he needed to move on and seemingly that’s exactly what he’s about to do when his old schoolmate Ben arrives.

According to a source in The Sun Ben turning up will shock Aaron given that Aaron used to bully him for being gay.

Aaron angry
Aaron is in for a shock when on old face turns up in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

The insider said: “Aaron wasn’t always the Aaron fans have grown to love – as a teenager he was completely different.

“Ben will force him to confront what happened in school and sparks could fly between them.

“It’s going to be a dramatic and explosive storyline full of twists and turns.

“There’s the potential that Aaron and Ben could develop into something more – but viewers will have to wait to see how it plays out.”

Too soon for Aaron to move on in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans broken as Robert Sugden secretly dumps Aaron in final scenes
Emmerdale fans were broken by Robert and Aaron’s final scenes together (Credit: ITV)

For some viewers it’s just too soon for Aaron to even consider moving on

One wrote on Twitter: “Oh here we go. Don’t they have any other ideas for storylines? Come on Emmerdale. What a joke – there is so much they could do with such a talented actors – all they can come up with is a new love interest with twist/turns? Thanks, not interested, it’s way too early.”

“One thing is sure for me: I will never support them and ship them. I feel for the guy though. It’s Robron or nothing for me,” said another.

A third added: “Too soon they’re not even divorced yet, sorry, won’t be invested in that even if it happens, only Robron for me.”

“Fuming! Robron forever!” wrote one more.

A further user wrote: “It’s too soon. What about just let him stay single for a while!”

More added comments of “way too soon,” and “nope, won’t be watching.

Some Emmerdale fans disagree

Doesn’t Aaron just deserve to be happy? (Credit: ITV)

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There were a couple of voices that suggested a new romance was a good thing…

“Great that Aaron is finally moving on. Never really liked him with Robert,” one dared to suggest.

A second agreed: “Good for Aaron. Though poor Ben when Ryan decides he misses a regular paycheck and we’ll get a whole miscarriage of justice storyline…”

Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV. 

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