EastEnders viewers sickened as Kathy gives Rainie drugs

Kathy's playing a risky game...

Viewers of EastEnders were horrified last night, when Kathy Beale tempted Rainie Cross by giving her a bag of drugs.

On Thursday (October 10), Kathy decided to give the recovering drug addict a ‘test’ to see if she would succumb to her addiction.

Rainie drug test
Rainie has been trying to get clean (Credit: BBC)

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In recent weeks, Rainie has developed a worrying painkiller addiction, prompting boyfriend Stuart Highway to help her get clean.

After being forced to go cold turkey by Stuart, who locked her in a bedroom with food, drinks and a bucket, Rainie finally seemed to make some form of recovery.

In last night’s scenes, however, Kathy was reluctant to believe Rainie had made any improvement and paid Callum a visit to ask about her recovery.

Rainie drug test
Low blow Kathy! (Credit: BBC)

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When Stuart later found out about Kathy’s questioning, he warned her to back off.

But, far from backing off, Kathy took it upon herself to do some serious meddling into Rainie’s life and set an extreme challenge to test her.

In the episode’s closing scene, Kathy paid Rainie a visit and explained that she genuinely wants her to be part of Abi’s life, but was uncertain if she was capable of change.

Kathy tests Rainie
Kathy set Rainie the ultimate test, but did she have any right to do so? (Credit: BBC)

Deciding to set Rainie the ultimate test, Kathy left her a bag of drugs to see if she’d once again succumb to her addiction.

The options were: the bag of drugs or remaining in Abi’s life. Which will Rainie choose?

Those watching from home were disgusted by Kathy’s actions, with some slamming the storyline as “shocking” and “sickening”.

One claimed Kathy was no better than a drug dealer, while another tweeted: “Shocking and sickening writing, it’s a soap yes, but why write someone giving an addict drugs as a test? Horrific.”

Another said: “What the hell! Under what illusion does this seem like a good idea? Totally shocked and confused!”

A third added: “BAD IDEA Kathy. You shouldn’t have done that. It’s like giving an ex-alcoholic drink to test them. It doesn’t end well. #EastEnders.”

“Nasty Kathy, very nasty,” wrote one more.

Next week’s spoilers tell us that Rainie hits rock bottom as her world spirals out of control…

Rainie takes baby Abi to the park but it doesn’t end well (Credit: BBC)

She and Stuart blackmail Kathy into letting them see baby Abi.

Max is adamant that Rainie shouldn’t be allowed to see Abi, but Kathy doesn’t really have a choice and goes against his wishes.

Kathy reluctantly lets Stuart take Abi to the park to meet Rainie.

But Stuart knows something isn’t right with Rainie and confides in Bex about his worries. When Bex urges him to trust Rainie, he takes Abi to meet her… But he is shocked by what he finds when he arrives.

Later Rainie visits Kathy again and she resorts to desperate measures.

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