EastEnders fans sickened as Gray punches wife Chantelle

EastEnders viewers concerned as Chantelle disobeys abusive husband Gray

Chantelle let her dad borrow money

Viewers are concerned for Chantelle Atkins after last night’s EastEnders as she spent money on her sister Bailey whilst her abusive husband Gray is away.

In Thursday’s episode (August 22 2019) Gray went away for work and left housekeeping money for Chantelle and their children Mia and Mackenzie.

Gray appeared to be very strict about the cash, as he gave it to Chantelle and said: “Housekeeping, cash, dated, labelled, impossible to mess up. We’re on a budget, Chantelle.”

He explained they couldn’t afford 20 percent interest so not to use the credit card.

Gray set strict instructions for Chantelle regarding money (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

However, later that day, Chantelle’s father Mitch came along and explained he wanted to do something nice for her half-sister Bailey.

Bailey was feeling down as it was the day of the inquest into her mum’s death.

Dinah had been suffering from Multiple sclerosis and sadly took her own life as she struggled with her mental health.

Chantelle agreed to lend Mitch £80 to buy Bailey a telescope.

Chantelle let Mitch borrow £80 to pay for a telescope for Bailey (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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At the end of the episode, Chantelle, Mitch and Karen surprised Bailey with her new gift and managed to put a smile on the little girl’s face.

However, viewers are worried about what will happen to Chantelle when Gray returns from his trip and realises she has lent her dad money.

Viewers first saw Gray abuse Chantelle last month leaving them sickened.

After the Walford 10k, Mitch admitted he won the race by cheating and residents laughed, leaving Gray embarrassed.

Chantelle looked terrified as Gray took her home and the second she was through the door he viciously grabbed her before punching her in the stomach.

EastEnders fans sickened as Gray punches wife Chantelle
Gray is abusive towards his wife Chantelle (Credit: BBC)

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She doubled-over in pain and sobbed as Gray blamed her for his abusive actions, leaving fans horrified.

In another dark scene, Gray locked his wife in their house before attacking her, once he had made sure she wouldn’t see her family for almost a week.

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