EastEnders SPOILER: Masood’s nieces Iqra and Hibiba arrive

Here comes trouble

There’s trouble heading for Walford next week when Masood’s nieces Iqra and Habiba arrive to cause a stir.

They have been labelled Albert Square’s new Ronnie and Roxy – and it’s clear to see why – because when Iqra and Habiba arrive in the Square next week they don’t waste any time causing a commotion.

Masood is shocked to see his nieces (Credit: BBC)

The pair make their grand entrance as they arrive at the tube station, clearly setting their sights on Walford East restaurant.

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And it soon becomes clear why they’re so determined to find the eatery – it’s because they’re Masood’s nieces and they’ve come to visit him.

Mas is shocked when he comes face-to-face with the pair, and immediately quizzes them about why they’re in Walford.

The sisters waste no time looking for their uncle Mas (Credit: BBC)

It is up to Iqra to think on her feet and say they have arrived to come and look after the restaurant while Masood is away in Australia… but it is clear that there’s more to their arrival than they’re letting on.

As the pair both rave about Masood’s plans to go away he is left more suspicious than ever… especially when he later catches them telling agency staff at the restaurant that they’re no longer needed.

The pair track Mas down at the restaurant (Credit: BBC)

The pair work hard to drum up business for the restaurant at The Vic, and instantly get on the wrong side of the Slaters when they rub them up the wrong way.

But the women soon find a mutual respect for each other when Habiba overhears Mick Carter telling Kat that she hasn’t done her cleaning job properly.

The sisters cause trouble at The Vic (Credit: BBC)

Deciding to teach Mick a lesson for ordering Kat around, Habiba manages to get one over on him – leaving Kat impressed.

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After causing commotion in The Vic, the pair get stuck in to working hard at the restaurant and decide they can make a go of managing the place in their uncle’s absence.

Habiba gets one over on Mick (Credit: BBC)

But when Iqra suggests that they should call home, Habiba shoots her down. But what is stopping them?

Clearly up to no good, the pair fall out when Habiba enlists Ruby Allen’s help to do a promotional evening at the restaurant, but sensible Iqra is worried about how they’re going to afford to pay Ruby.

But Habiba has got a plan to raise the much-needed funds… but how is she going to get cash without a proper job?

Iqra is worried when Habiba gets Ruby on board (Credit: BBC)

With trouble following the sisters everywhere they go, it is clear they’re going to make their presence felt in Walford.

But what has brought them here and what are they running from?

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