EastEnders Hunter Credit: BBC

EastEnders fans repulsed by latest twist in Hunter plot

The teenager dug up Ray's body

EastEnders viewers have been left repulsed by Hunter Owen’s latest actions and have branded him a psychopath.

The teenager is already totally unfazed after murdering his stepdad, Ray Kelly, and helping his mum bury the body.

Cool as a cucumber, he dug up a body (Credit: BBC)

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And now, as Mel starts to fall apart, Hunter’s been back to the scene of the crime and dug up the rotting corpse, rooted around to find the bullet and remove it, therefore removing the evidence.

Whilst he possibly hasn’t thought that he’s going to have left his DNA all over the body after that, he seems to think that’s got everything covered as the police won’t be able to link the weapon to him and Mel.

While Mel spent most of Monday’s episode umming and ahhing over whether to go to the police about her son, she ended up deciding not to.

Mel EastEnders Credit: BBC
Mel’s basically terrified of her son (Credit: BBC)

But by that point Hunter had already done the disgusting deed. She was stunned as he presented her with the bullet.

“I thought about moving the body somewhere more hidden or destroying it but I just couldn’t do it on my own, so I figured if the police can’t find the bullet it removes any connection between us and the murder weapon,” he calmly told his mum.

“It was hard finding the exact spot… I just started digging, I took a trowel, don’t worry I was careful. It was hard finding the bullet hole…”

EastEnders bullet Credit: BBC
Hunter got the bullet and washed it (Credit: BBC)

“Can you hear yourself Hunter?” an increasingly worried Mel cried.

“Mum he’s dead it’s just a body, rotting flesh nothing to be scared of…” Hunter coldly replied like he was talking about going shopping.

As Mel struggled to find the words to reply to him, she ended up stopping herself short of calling him a psychopath.

EastEnders Mel Credit: BBC
“No son, you’re not a psychopath…” (Credit: BBC)

But Hunter terrifyingly continued: “I feel fine, I’ve killed a man and I’m not cracking up, I’m strong and I’m going to make sure we both get through this.”

Fans were horrified at Hunter’s attitude and grossed out at the fact he’d dug up the body.


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As Mel struggles with what to do next, the net is set to start closing in.

The police are going to come calling next week and Mel will be taken in for questioning.

Instead of giving her confession, Mel decides the best thing to do it flee. Will the cops get them before they do?

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