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Sunday 23rd February 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Grey’s abuse takes a sinister turn

Is Chantelle in danger?

Next week's EastEnders sees a seriously dark twist in Grey Atkins' domestic abuse of wife Chantelle, but does this mean she is in more danger than ever?

Soap fans were horrified to discover Chantelle's marriage is far from perfect when Grey's abuse was revealed... and while everyone on Albert Square still believes that the couple have got it all, viewers know that couldn't be further from the truth.

Chantelle aces her assessment at work, leaving Grey seething (Credit: BBC)

When Chantelle aces her assessment at the salon next week, everyone is thrilled for her and they head to The Vic to celebrate her success.

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But one person who isn't in the party mood is Grey.

He is fuming that Chantelle is centre of attention and is desperate to get her home to show her who is boss.

Grey reminds Chantelle who is boss when she gets home (Credit: BBC)

Taking her to one said at the pub, Grey orders his wife home. But when she stands up to him and admits she is staying put, he sabotages her celebrations in a shock twist to make sure the party turns sour.

Feeling more and more pushed out by the Taylors, Grey takes his anger out on Chantelle at home, lashing out when she is least expecting it.

Grey shows remorse for hitting Chantelle, but it doesn't last long (Credit: BBC)

When she stands up to him he begs for forgiveness in a rare moment of regret. But while Grey might be feeling guilty for now, things are soon about to change when Chantelle makes a shocking discovery that will change their lives forever.

Later in the week Chantelle has another big event at work when the day of the salon competition arrives.

But it seems Grey's remorse is long gone, because as Chantelle battles it to the final two in the contest, she is left rattled when Grey keeps texting her.

Chantelle quite the competition at work thanks to Grey's controlling (Credit: BBC)

Knowing that his abusive messages will put Chantelle off her A game, Grey is manipulating his wife from afar.

Everyone in the salon is left stunned when Chantelle pulls out of the contest at the last minute, desperate to keep her husband happy.

Everyone is stunned when Chantelle quits the competition (Credit: BBC)

But despite him getting his own way with Chantelle, Grey still isn't happy when she gets home because she is late for a romantic dinner that he has organised.

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At a loss over how to keep Grey happy, Chantelle braces herself as he lashes out once again.

Grey is angry with Chantelle, little does he know she has made a shocking discovery (Credit: BBC)

Will anyone find out about Grey's sinister abuse before he goes too far?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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