Adam Habiba affair EastEnders

EastEnders viewers beg Honey to get back with Billy after discovering Adam’s a ‘cheating dog’

She caught Adam and Habiba in the act

Honey Mitchell was horrified last night, when she finally discovered what viewers have known for months – that her boyfriend Adam Bateman is a ‘cheating dog’.

Just minutes after imagining marrying Adam, poor Honey faced a more unpleasant future image altogether when she saw her beau kissing Habiba on CCTV footage of the shop.

Adam has been having an affair with Habiba behind Honey’s back (Credit: BBC)

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And while Honey was left looking shocked and teary-eyed as the duff duff title music played out, EastEnders fans were quick to see a silver lining.

Begging Honey to dump two-timing Adam, they want her to reconcile with Billy!

(Never mind that he’s a cheat as well!)

Adam Habiba affair EastEnders
There’s no denying it now, Adam! (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday evening (July 9), Honey was beaming from ear to ear after recently agreeing to move in with Adam.

But those watching from home knew that the doctor has been enjoying an affair with Habiba Ahmed at the same time.

Despite warnings from her ex, Billy, Honey refused to believe Adam wasn’t whiter than white…

Honey discovers Adam Habiba affair EastEnders
Honey, you’re too good for him! (Credit: BBC)

But that all changed when Honey saw Adam sharing an intimate moment with Habiba, unaware she was watching on CCTV.

Will Honey confront Adam? And will she accept that Billy told her the truth about Adam being untrustworthy and realise he had her best interests at heart?

Viewers certainly hope so, with one writing: “Yes, finally Honey saw Habiba and Adam!!! Now can she go back to Billy please?? #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Honey and Billy belong together dammit! #EastEnders.”

A third said: “#EastEnders I really hope Honey and Billy get back together.”

“Billy and Honey just have to get back together… please #EastEnders,” pleaded one more.

Some fans, however, believed Honey had treated Billy badly by calling him a liar and that Billy needs to move on.

Will Honey realise that Billy was right about Adam’s affair? And will she kick Adam ‘the cheating dog’ to the curb?

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