EastEnders SPOILERS: Stacey Slater faces police probe over Ruby’s miscarriage

Ruby lies will have terrible consequences for Stacey

EastEnders spoilers reveal Stacey Slater is going to face a police probe over Ruby’s miscarriage.

Cleaner Stacey will be hauled in for questioning after Ruby lies and claims she is responsible for the loss of her unborn child.

Stacey Slater will be questioned by police over Ruby’s miscarriage (Credit: BBC)

Viewers know Ruby is lying and actually lost the baby before her row with Stacey.

And when she found herself in a row with Stacey, Ruby took the chance to blame Stacey and get her out of their lives for good.

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Now next week she will manipulate Martin into reporting Stacey to the police for her.

Martin takes her to a shrine he’s built to commemorate their loss and it’s too much for her.

And when she sees Stacey playing with Hope her grief turns to rage.

Scheming Ruby makes Martin feel guilty by questioning him on how much their loss means when Stacey is free to get away with it.

Later, Ruby twists the knife by telling Stacey she’s been reported to the police.

And it hurts all the more for Stacey when she discovers it is Martin who reported her and not Ruby.

Stacey will be hauled into the police station for questioning.

Stacey Slater tells the police about Ruby’s revenge plan (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Stacey Slater takes revenge on Ruby Allen

She gives a statement, sure that the CCTV footage will reveal the truth – that Ruby fell.

And when she’s released, Stacey goes to her ex and former best friend to tell them that.

Insisting the CCTV will clear her, Ruby thinks she’s got the upper hand and tells Stacey the cameras have been broken for weeks.

Stacey will warn Ruby that she won’t get away with her lies (Credit: BBC)

However, Ruby has the wind ripped from her sails when Martin pipes up to tell her he got them fixed ages ago.

It’s all going wrong for Ruby.

And when later Martin gets advice from Gray about getting custody if Stacey goes to prison, Stacey’s enraged.

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She pays a visit to the police herself and tells them that she wants to make another statement.

Stacey tells them about Ruby’s lies and insists she’s been trying to get revenge.

But will they believe her?

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