EastEnders SPOILERS: Next week’s First Look in 10 pictures

Kim makes a surprise return to Walford

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EastEnders spoilers in pictures for next week see the Mitchells and the Slaters join forces for a robbery. But will it all go to plan?

Elsewhere, Kim returns from Scotland, while Max and Linda grow closer.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Kim returns to shock news 

Denise and Jack break the news to Raymomd (Credit: BBC)

With Jack’s support, Denise finally plucks up the courage to tell Raymond that she is his birth mother.

Kim returns to Walford (Credit: BBC)

But that’s not the only shock in store for the day.

Soon Kim returns to Walford after sending time in Scotland.

Raymond interrupts Denise (Credit: BBC)

Just as Denise is trying to find the right words to tell Kim about Raymond, he walks into the room.

Seeing how much Denise misses Jack, Kim encourages her sister to fix her relationship with him.

But will Denise listen to Kim’s advice?

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2. The Mitchells and the Slaters team up

Kat worries about the plan for the robbery (Credit: BBC)

Kat is feeling nervous about the new plan to steal classic cars from a firm she cleans for.

Shirley makes preparations (Credit: BBC)

There is tension between Kat and Shirley as the plans for the robbery are made.

Kush is hired as the getaway driver (Credit: BBC)

The stress is too much for Kat, but Ben persuades her to go through with their plan.

However, when Kat reveals Kush is their new getaway driver, the Mitchells aren’t happy.

The Mitchells and Slaters make final preparations (Credit: BBC)

Soon everyone is in agreement and they head off for the job.

While Ben, Kush and Phil head to the cars, Kat and Shirley create a look out.

Later, tensions are frayed for Phil… but will the team get away with the heist?

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3. Linda and Max grow closer 

Sharon warns Max to stay away from Linda (Credit: BBC)

The chemistry between Max and Linda is obvious to Sharon and she warns Max away from her friend.

Sharon tells Linda about Max’s feelings, but Linda is adamant they’re just friends.

Max tells Linda about his feelings towards her (Credit: BBC)

Max and Linda meet again, but it’s clear there are unspoken feelings between them.

Is Linda about to do something that she’ll regret?

4. Ian does a dodgy deal 

Ian makes a deal with Suki (Credit: BBC)

With the payments due for the remortgaged cafe, Ian’s more desperate for money than ever.

Suki finds Ian stressed and realises she can use him.

Explaining her plan to turn the Slater house into flats, Suki makes a deal with Ian.

Will Ian regret mixing with troublemaker Suki?

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