EastEnders SPOILERS: Nancy Carter returns as Mick makes a huge announcement

Nancy is back!

EastEnders spoilers reveal Nancy Carter returns as Mick makes a huge announcement in The Vic.

In next week’s scenes Shirley returns home, unsuccessful in her mission to find Tina, but she’s determined to make Phil pay.

Meanwhile Frankie gets a letter and throws it away but Mick later finds it in the bin. He discovers it’s a birthday card from Katy.

Mick feels bad when he forgets Frankie’s birthday (Credit: BBC)

Mick apologises to Frankie that he forgot her birthday and insists they will celebrate the next day.

The next day the Carter’s attempt to make Frankie’s birthday special.

Mick hands Frankie the envelope he found in the bin from Katy, but when Frankie finds a cheque for £2000, she’s angry.

She throws it in the bin saying she won’t be bribed. Later, at Frankie’s birthday party at The Vic.

Mick throws a party for Frankie (Credit: BBC)

Soon Sharon and Zack turn up and Zack tries to chat up Frankie, but she’s having none of it.

When questions are raised about who Zack is, Sharon tells everyone that he is her half-brother.

EastEnders spoilers: Nancy Carter returns as Mick makes an announcement

Noticing how easy it was for Sharon to be honest about who Zack is, Mick decides to do the same and be honest about Frankie.

But just as he does, everyone is shocked to see who has just walked through the doors of The Vic – it’s Mick and Linda’s daughter Nancy.

Nancy returns as Mick makes a huge announcement (Credit: BBC)

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How will Nancy react to Mick’s announcement?

Nancy and Frankie

Recently Frankie actress Rose Ayling-Ellis spoke about what she thinks Frankie and Nancy’s relationship will be like.

As reported in Digital Spy, Rose Ayling-Ellis said: “They have been throw together under the worst circumstances. I think Frankie will be expecting some hostility from Nancy.”

Will Nancy and Frankie get on? (Credit: BBC)

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She added: “I think they will get on really well in the long term, they are both outspoken and I think that dynamic is going to be fun to play as sisters.

“Maddy is super smart and lovely. She is very keen to learn more BSL [British Sign Language] and I love her for that.”

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