EastEnders SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Kheerat plays with fire as he takes on Phil

EastEnders spoilers in pictures for next week see Kheerat taking on the Mitchells, while Ruby’s baby lies start to unravel.

Elsewhere, Isaac is hiding a secret, but what is it?

All this and more in EastEnders spoilers next week.

1. Kheerat takes on the Mitchells

At the call centre, Big Mo catches Kheerat trying to secure a dodgy new client called Stas.

It seems Kheerat has got his eye on the Mitchells’ business and is poaching their associates.

Kat discovers what is happening from Mo and texts Phil to give him the heads up.

After Phil uses his insider information from Kat, he soon gets Stas on side.

Kheerat is later fuming when Stas turns him down, leaving Phil and Ben to gloat.

Soon Stas is the least of Kat’s troubles when Jean reveals all on Phil and Sharon’s ‘date’.

However, it seems Jean has got the wrong end of the stick.

As Sharon confesses her feelings for Phil, he is forced to admit they’re over.

But later Phil does something to upset Kat, leaving her devastated. What has he done this time?

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2. Ruby’s baby lies spiral

Ruby panics when Martin asks when their 12 week scan is.

She snaps at him, realising that her secret could be exposed at any moment.

Knowing the dates won’t add up, Ruby books a private scan and goes along alone.

Ruby discovers she’s 7 weeks pregnant and the reality that she’s going to be a mum sets in.

Oblivious to Ruby’s lies, Martin books a holiday so they can relax.

Martin’s shocked when Ruby suggests they take the kids away with them

Is she trying to distract him from her baby lies?

However, things take a turn when Ruby goes to the toilet and discovers she is bleeding.

Has she lost the baby?

Stacey visits Ruby and the old friends start reminiscing.

Things are friendly until Ruby’s scheming with Kush is mentioned again.

An argument kicks off, leading to Ruby accidentally falling backwards down the stairs.

Will she be okay?

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3. Romance for Lola and Isaac? 

Kim sets Isaac and Lola up on a date and the pair have a great evening.

But things turn sour when Isaac mistakenly thinks Kim has paid Lola to date him.

Isaac tracks Lola down and apologises and they agree to start again, but Sheree isn’t happy.

Lola is shocked when Sheree corners her and demands she leaves Isaac alone.

Lola refuses to listen, leaving Sheree with no choice but to deliver an ultimatum.

When Isaac complains to Patrick that Lola isn’t returning his calls, Patrick realises Sheree is to blame.

At the salon Isaac confronts his mum and reveals that he’s ready to tell people the truth.

But Sheree is adamant that if anyone found out, they would run a mile.

What secret has Isaac been hiding all this time?

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