EastEnders Ben Mitchell, Frankie Lewis and Honey Mitchell

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Ben is forced to deal with being raped

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Ben Mitchell faces the worst night of his life when he is raped.

As he struggles to process what he’s been through, will he be honest with his loved ones about what happened?

Elsewhere in Walford, Lola accuses Jay of cheating and Rainie is left heartbroken by Stuart.

EastEnders spoilers for next week here.

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1. Callum and Ben at loggerheads

EastEnders Callum rages at Ben

Callum is furious at Ben for telling Lewis about his vigilante spree.

Tensions are running high and the couple share some harsh words.

EastEnders Ben looks at a dating app on his phone

Wondering if it’s all over between them, Ben drowns his sorrows at The Vic.

He finds Lewis on a dating app and begins messaging him…

2. Lewis rapes Ben

EastEnders Lewis flirts with Ben

Lewis and Ben meet for drinks and drunk Ben flirts with him.

They then head upstairs.

EastEnders Lewis flirts with Ben

One thing leads to another, but Ben comes to his senses and stops things going further before trying to leave.

However Lewis refuses to let him go and rapes him.

3. Ben struggles to process his attack

EastEnders Shellshocked Ben leaves the Albert

Ben leaves The Albert absolutely shellshocked after what happened.

He heads home and bumps into Sam who winds him up about staying out all night.

Ben Mitchell is shellshocked after being raped by Lewis

Callum is suspicious over where Ben has been, but Ben doesn’t tell him anything.

However Lewis lies to Callum he and Ben were out on the town all night.

Ben Mitchell shellshocked after being raped by Lewis

Ben confronts Lewis about his actions, but Lewis insists he instigated things.

Trying to process everything that happened, Ben is unable to deny it when Callum accuses him of cheating with Lewis.

4. Callum faced with huge decision

Callum Highway rages at Ben

After Callum finds out Ben slept with Lewis, he walks out – not realising Ben was raped.

Ben begs Callum to believe how much he loves him, but will Callum forgive and forget?

EastEnders Callum sits in the cafe, unsure what to do about Ben

After Callum confronts Lewis, what will he decide to do?

5. Kathy steps in

Kathy Beale is stunned when angry Stuart Highway tells her Ben cheated on Callum

Kathy is stunned to find out from Stuart Ben supposedly cheated on Callum.

When she sees how Jay reacts, she realises it is true.

EastEnders Ben is confronted by furious Kathy

She angrily confronts Ben and shares some strong words with him.

But will Ben be able to confess the truth to his mum?

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6. Lola blows up at Jay

Lola Pearce is angry as she confronts Jay Brown

Frankie invites Jay to Clara’s photo exhibition where Clara’s not happy Frankie is stealing her thunder.

Things turn awkward when Lola barges in and starts shouting at Jay.

EastEnders Jay is shocked when Lola accuses him of cheating

She accuses him of cheating on Honey with Frankie, can he convince her nothing is going on?

Lola later confesses she’s upset because Isaac has dumped her. Will Jay offer comfort?

7. Frankie and Lola bond

EastEnders Frankie is unsure as Lola tries to make things up to her

Lola tries to make things up with Frankie.

The pair bond and Lola encourages Frankie not to give up on her photography career.

8. Honey stands up for herself

Honey Mitchell is determined as she tells Sam to move out

Mr Lister offers to take Honey for a drink, but she rushes off, feeling awkward.

Wanting to take control, Honey tackles Sam next, telling her she must move out as soon as possible.

9. Ritchie makes threats

EastEnders Ritchie and Sam have a meeting

Sam meets with Ritchie to discuss her problem with Denise’s money.

Ritchie steps in and makes a threat to Denise that she can’t ignore.

10. Rainie heartbroken by Stuart’s admission

EastEnders Stuart catches a shocked Rainie after his confession

Rainie discovers Stuart has been lying about taking his painkillers.

She is heartbroken when Stuart admits he has no feelings towards Roland.

EastEnders sympathetic Mitch comforts stunned Rainie

Rainie goes out for some air and bumps into Mitch.

Mitch can tell all isn’t well, but will Rainie open up?

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11. Harvey stands by Jean

EastEnders Harvey is thoughtful over seeing Jean

Shirley bumps into Harvey and encourages him to go and see Jean.

It’s a rocky start, but soon Harvey and Jean have a breakthrough.

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