EastEnders SPOILERS: Billy attacks Paul?

Billy is furious

EastEnders spoilers reveals Billy goes after Paul, the man who spiked Honey’s drink.

This week, Honey goes on a date with a man named Paul who she met recently. But it soon ends in disaster for the mum-of-two after he unknowingly spikes her drink.

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In next week’s scenes Honey meets with DC Ward to discuss her case and Billy sees them. Wanting to know what’s going on, Jay is forced to go against Honey’s wishes and tells him what happened.

EastEnders: Billy goes after Paul

She later tells them both that Paul was arrested and they found a video he took on his phone. But he has since been released on bail and is out there.

Will Billy attack Paul? (Credit: BBC)

Hearing this, Billy is fuming and disappears. However later, Jay realises what Billy is up to and he finds him about to attack Paul with a brick.

Is Billy about to attack Paul?

Jay tries to support Honey

Honey meets DI Ward with Jay, who is amazed at Honey’s strength.

Later Lola and Jay are discussing flats when he tells her he has to leave to check in on Honey. Seeing Jay has to go, Isaac offers Lola a drink.

Trouble for Lola and Jay?

Jay has good news for Lola – they got the flat. However Lola isn’t as excited as she should be about the living together.

Later Isaac asks Lola if she wants to do brunch and she accepts, grateful for the distraction. But he soon makes her another offer.

Lola isn’t excited about living with Jay. But will she tell him? (Credit: BBC)

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He asks the hairdresser if she would like to go on a date sometime. Lola is shocked but Isaac points out she clearly isn’t happy.

Will she go on a date with Isaac behind Jay’s back?

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