EastEnders: Viewers in hysterics as Kathy kicks Ian out after discovering his betrayal

Kathy was furious when she discovered what Ian had done

EastEnders viewers were left in hysterics as Kathy Beale kicked out her son Ian after she discovered he re-mortgaged her café behind her back.

Over the last few months, Ian has got himself into some financial trouble after using Max Branning’s money to buy The Vic for Sharon.

Ian brought The Vic for Sharon but he used Max’s money (Credit: BBC)

After finding out, Max demanded his money back. In an attempt to help Ian with his money issues, Kathy offered to re-mortgage the café. But he declined, knowing he had already done it.

Ian’s son Peter soon started to get an idea of what his dad had done, but didn’t say anything to Kathy.

EastEnders: Kathy kicks Ian out

In last night’s episode (Tuesday, October 27) Ian ended up dropping himself in it when he thought Peter had told Kathy what he did.

Max gave his money to Ian to protect it from his wife Rainie during the divorce. But Ian spent it (Credit: BBC)

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Peter tried to make Kathy feel better after her failed date with a man, also named Iain.

As Kathy said: “How dare he? How dare he talk to me like that. Who does he think he is? No one treats me like that, not Iain, not anyone” Ian walked in.

Presuming she was talking about him, and that Peter had told her what he did, Ian said to Peter: “Me mortgaging the café, re-mortgaging it, however briefly, has nothing to with you or Bobby.”

But when Peter told Ian he didn’t say anything, Ian’s face dropped and Kathy was furious.

Kathy threw Ian out of his house (Credit: BBC)

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Kathy threw Ian out of his own house and told Ian she wanted every penny back with interest.

Ian Beale being thrown out by Kathy has saved 2020.

Ian pleaded with Bobby to talk to Kathy, but he ignored his dad and soon Kathy was throwing Ian’s belongings out of the window, leaving viewers in hysterics.

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