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Monday 25th May 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Ben drops a bombshell on Jay

Things are about to get messy

There's more Mitchell drama in EastEnders next week as Ben Mitchell puts his master plan to fleece Phil Mitchell into action... but it seems Jay Brown is also about to find himself in the firing line as things turn messy.

With Lola Pearce already regretting her decision to help Ben stitch up Phil, she has been trying to distance herself from the drama, realising that she can't hurt those she loves now that she is back in Walford.

Ben warns Lola to stick to the plan (Credit: BBC)

Next week sees Ben realise he needs to get Lola back on side, so he reminds her that she also needs the cash that fleecing Phil will bring so that she can start a new life.

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But why does Lola need to start a new life? And where is she planning on doing it?

One big happy family... or are they? (Credit: BBC)

As Ben plays the golden boy by organising a family brunch, it seems his plan is starting to come together.

But when Phil announces that Keanu is working with them now, Ben's left fuming that his plan has been thrown into jeopardy.

Jay and Lola get close again next week (Credit: BBC)

With his nose well and truly out of joint Ben isn't in a good mood, and when he sees Lola and Jay getting cosy, he sees red.

Interrupting the pair, Ben gives Lola some words of warning, but she is quick to reassure him that there is nothing going on.

But is she telling the truth?

Ben isn't happy to catch the pair together (Credit: BBC)

It seems she might have been telling a little fib, because later Lola and Jay find themselves sneaking off to The Vic for a drink behind Ben's back.

Lola is shocked when Jay tells her that he wants them to try and make a go of things as a couple again... but as she tries to open up and tell him the truth, Ben catches the pair together and all hell breaks loose.

Jay asks Lola to have another go at being a couple (Credit: BBC)

Realising that he is going to do something drastic to put a dampener on Lola and Jay's feelings for one another, Ben drops an almighty bombshell on his best friend, leaving Jay hurt.

But what has he just revealed?

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He might have upset Jay, but soon Ben has bigger things to worry about when he tries to double cross Phil by joining forces with his dad's nemesis, Danny, later in the week.

Ben double crosses Phil by making Danny an offer (Credit: BBC)

Danny initially turns down Ben's offer to work together, but when Ben threatens his family, Danny is forced to reconsider and makes a phone call.

Clearly Ben means business when it comes to ruining his dad's life, but has he really become so ruthless that he is willing to let his friendship with Jay suffer along the way?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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