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Monday 14th October 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Lola and Jay kiss!

Could there be romance on the cards?

It looks like Jay Brown's love life could be looking up next week as he shares a kiss with Lola Pearce... but why is Ben Mitchell so against the pair getting back together?

Ben and Lola's return to Albert Square has stirred up lots of old feelings for their friends and family - but it seems that Jay could finally be starting to enjoy having his ex back in Walford.

Lola tells Jay she doesn't want a romance, but is that true? (Credit: BBC)

Fans will know that Lola and Jay have got plenty of history, and it seems EastEnders is set to explore that once again next week.

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Despite the fact Ben has been warning Lola against spending too much time with her former flame, Lola has been desperate to make up for how things were left in her relationship with Jay before she departed the Square back in 2015.

Ben isn't happy about Lola and Jay reconnecting (Credit: BBC)

Jay has been reluctant to let Lola back into his life, however when Billy intervenes and tries to set the pair up, it seems the undertaker could be starting to thaw towards Lola after all.

Just as the pair make a fresh start and strike up a friendship, Jay is left heartbroken all over again when Lola tells him that she doesn't want anything more than to be friends... but is that true?

Jay and Lola go for a drink (Credit: BBC)

Despite her saying that she doesn't want a relationship, it seems Lola might still have feelings for Jay, leaving Ben fuming that the pair could have a reunion on the cards.

While it is still a mystery why Ben is so adamant that Lola and Jay can't be a couple, it doesn't seem like Lola's that bothered by Ben's demands to stay away from her ex.

The pair have a sneaky date at E20 (Credit: BBC)

Despite Phil's son's words of warning, Lola ignores his threats and suggests to Jay that they go for a drink in The Vic.

However, the pair are soon busted together when Ben also turns up at the pub and catches them looking cosy.

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But Jay and Lola are one step ahead of Ben, and while he is chatting to Whitney and Callum, they manage to escape his watchful glare and sneak off to E20.

Jay and Lola kiss - but is this the start of a new romance? (Credit: BBC)

The pair are clearly getting on like a house on fire, and as the drinks flow they share a sneaky kiss.

Is this a new romance on the cards?

Or will Ben do everything he can to keep the pair apart?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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