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Sunday 17th November 2019

EastEnders theories: What are Ben and Lola hiding?

They will return next week!

Ben and Lola are due to return with their daughter Lexi next week and whilst their family are happy to them return, it soon becomes apparent the pair are hiding a secret.

In the Spring trailer for the soap Lola turns to Ben and said "I can't do this, I thought I could but being back here and lying to everyone like this..."

What are Ben and Lola hiding? (Credit: YouTube/EastEnders)

Their return have left so many unanswered question regarding their return. Ben and Lola left Albert Square separately, so how did they reunite?

What is this secret big they have?

We've put together a list of theories about what this big secret could be.

1. They are connected to Danny - Phil's business associate

Are they connected to Danny somehow? (Credit: YouTube/EastEnders)

Danny arrived in Monday night's episode and revealed himself to be an associate of Phil's.

He ran the garages in Spain which Phil was laundering money through, however he revealed they got shut down.

Viewers know Ben left the country in 2018 after stealing heist money, has he been secretly working for Phil in Spain?

Or has he been working for Danny? Could Danny be in Walford to kill Phil and Ben is back to warn him.

2. They are in debt

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Potentially the pair got into some money troubles and are back on the Square to make some cash.

Ben left Albert Square with money from the heist. The idea that he ended up losing it all and getting into money troubles isn't that far-fetched.

3. Ben's now 'straight'

Ben had a relationship with Abi Branning (Credit: BBC)

Ben has been struggling with his sexuality ever since he was a teenager. He has always worried about what his father Phil thought.

Back in 2016 Ben dated childhood friend Abi Branning to convince Phil he wasn't gay but it all ended in tears when it was revealed Abi lied about being pregnant and miscarrying Ben's baby.

A theory is that Ben is really straight and he and Lola have began a relationship together.

However, we don't believe that's very likely as Ben began a relationship with Luke Wilmott-Brown after his relationship with Abi ended, and he was madly in love and happy with late lover Paul.

4. Lola is pregnant

Lola fell pregnant with Lexi when she was 15 (Credit: BBC)

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Lola fell pregnant when she was 15 and gave birth to a daughter who she called Lexi.

Although Lexi's paternity remained a secret for a while, it was revealed that her cousin Ben was the father.

Could Lola be pregnant with baby number two, having asked Ben to do the honours? Hmm, another pinch-of-salt one we reckon...

5. They know about Sharon and Keanu's affair

Keanu and Sharon had an affair (Credit: BBC)

Another theory is that Ben and Lola found out about Sharon and Keanu's affair and are back to tell Phil.

Keanu began having an affair with Phil's wife last year but she broke things off with the young mechanic.

In Monday night's episode he cut Sharon off after she sent him to Spain where he was beaten up by six men.

Louise suspected something was going on between the pair last year but Sharon managed to convince her otherwise... or did she? Maybe Louise wasn't easily fooled and told her brother about that voicemail.

The pair were also seen kissing by Keanu's mum Karen, could she of tracked down Ben and told him the truth?

6. Lexi is sick

Lexi will be returning with her parents (Credit: BBC)

Another theory is that Ben and Lola's daughter is sick and they need help from their family.

Last time we saw Lexi she three years old and was leaving the square with her mother.

The little girl is now six years old and is returning with her parents.

Whilst they were away, it's possible their daughter became sick and they need something from a blood relative in order to help her.

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