EastEnders character Nancy wants female sterilisation but what exactly is it?

Nancy doesn't want kids

EastEnders character Nancy revealed she is going to be sterilised. But what is female sterilisation?

In tonight’s episode of the BBC soap (Thursday, April 29) Nancy revealed to Linda that the reason she has been visiting the hospital is because she plans to get sterilised as she doesn’t want kids.

But what is female sterilisation and how does the procedure work?

What is female sterilisation?

Female sterilisation works by preventing eggs travelling down the fallopian tubes, which links the ovaries to the womb.

This means the woman’s egg cannot meet the sperm so fertilisation cannot happen.

Nancy doesn’t want kids (Credit: BBC)

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Eggs will still be released from the ovaries as normal, but they will be absorbed naturally into the woman’s body.

It is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, periods will continue as normal and it does not affect hormone levels.

There is also a small risk that the operation will not work as blocked tubes can re-join immediately or years later.

How does the operation is carried out?

The surgeon will block the fallopian tubes by either applying clips – plastic or titanium clamps are closed over the fallopian tube.

Nancy is taking CBD for her seizures (Credit: BBC)

Or they could apply rings – a small loop of the fallopian tube is pulled through a silicone ring, then clamped shut.

Or they could tie, cut and remove a small piece of the fallopian tube.

What’s next for Nancy?

In next week’s scenes, Linda can’t get to grips with Nancy’s decision and Mick tries to diffuse the situation.

Linda isn’t happy with Nancy’s decision (Credit: BBC)

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Frankie spots Nancy going to the doctor and tells Mick and Linda. Mick warns Linda she’s only making things worse and eventually gets Nancy to cut Linda and Frankie some slack.

But Linda takes matters into her own hands and makes a call pretending to be Nancy.

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