EastEnders SPOILERS: Mitch Baker under suspicion as daughter Bailey goes missing

Bailey goes missing

EastEnders spoilers reveal Mitch Baker is questioned as his daughter Bailey goes missing.

In next week’s scenes Karen and Mitch are frustrated when the police want to search their house again for information on Bailey.

EastEnders spoilers: Mitch under suspicion

Mitch is asked to go to the station for questioning (Credit: BBC)

Mitch is irate and is worried they’re trying to blame him for his daughter’s disappearance. Upset, he refuses to go to the station for questioning.

He later tells Keegan and he agrees to go with him to the station.

When Amy mentions to Mitch that Bailey couldn’t afford space camp, Mitch is heartbroken to realise Bailey was worried about their money issues and blames himself for her running away.

Amy tells Mitch that Bailey was upset (Credit: BBC)

Later Lola is shocked when she sees Isaac tear down a poster of Bailey. But Keegan has missed a digit off his number so he goes to check the others.

Meanwhile Karen is desperate for an update from Jack and he suggests they do a TV appeal.

Soon Keegan spots Isaac tearing down the posters and is furious. But he feels foolish when he realises his mistake his mistake.

Isaac takes down one of Bailey’s posters (Credit: BBC)

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Keegan vows to set up a fundraising page to get more leaflets printed.

Karen blames her old boss for Bailey running away. Jack reminds her about the upcoming press conference.

Denise tells them they’ve raised some money for the family and Jack hopes the public will get behind them.

Karen and Mitch do a TV appeal

Whilst recording the appeal, Karen’s fears get the better for her. When nasty comments are left on the fundraising page, Karen’s mood worsens as she finds a gift hamper on her doorstep.

Mitch and Karen record an appeal (Credit: BBC)

She heads into the Square raging.

Denise’s attempts to apologise to the Taylor’s for the hamper are futile so she decides to make a real impact when she sees Karen’s old boss Apostolos.

Later Jack tells Karen and Mitch that Bailey has been spotted and Apostolos has dropped all charges. But Keegan interrupts them – they need to get to The Vic now!

Bailey is sleeping in an underpass (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile at an underpass Bailey is tucked in a sleeping bag with Banjo – she’s all alone.

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