EastEnders: Linda cheats on Mick with Max, leaving viewers divided

Linda and Max also kissed a few months ago

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EastEnders character Linda Carter cheated on her husband Mick with Max Branning, which left viewers divided.

A few months ago, Max kissed Linda in The Prince Albert. Although it became clear Linda regretted the kiss, over the last few weeks she and Max have continued to grow close.

Whilst Max and Linda have been working on her new business, designing superhero costumes for children with autism, Mick appeared to be pushing his family away.

Linda has been getting close to Max. But she kiss him in last night’s episode (Credit: BBC)

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However what Linda doesn’t know is Frankie told Mick she believes he’s her father and that he was sexually abused as a child by Frankie’s mum, Katy.

But in last night’s episode (Monday, November 30) Mick was determined to get some answers about his childhood after Katy told him he was remembering things wrong.

Together, Mick and Katy went back to his childhood care home. However it became clear she was worried about what he would remember.

Mick has been struggling with his mental health (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile Linda recreated a picnic she and Mick had when they were children. But when Mick returned home, he didn’t react in the way she hoped.

EastEnders: Linda kissed Max

Later Linda went off and Max found her in the park with a bottle of vodka. He stopped her from opening it and took her back to Walford East.

Linda kissed Max. But will Mick find out? (Credit: BBC)

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As Max comforted Linda, she moved in for a kiss. But the kiss left viewers divided.

Some were furious that Linda cheated on Max with Mick.

Others actually want to see Max and Linda get together and like them as a couple.

EastEnders: What’s next for Max and Linda?

Whilst Linda and Max kissed, Ian walked into the restaurant and saw them both.

Spoilers reveal that Ian warns Max that he now has the upper hand in their feud, unless he wants the whole of Albert Square to know about his kiss with Linda.

Max soon leaves plotting his revenge. But later Ian is attacked. With so many people with an axe to grind, who is behind Ian’s attack?

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