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Monday 13th July 2020

EastEnders fans demand to know where Kathy Beale is

Has she faked her death again?

EastEnders fans are demanding to know where Kathy Beale has got to.

The cafe owner hasn't been seen in months on the Square and no one seems to have realised she's gone.

EastEnders fans fear Kathy has faked her death again (Credit: BBC)

But except for a brief mention about her return from the dead this week when Kat and Mo were talking about Alfie's plan to fake his own death, she has been missing.

Fans have been asking for months about what's she been up to and her location.

Last year there were vague mutterings about Kathy going to Portugal for a holiday.

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But that was months ago and now viewers are demanding she return to Walford.

Where the hell is Kathy Beale?

One asked: "#EastEnders where is Kathy Beale?"

Another agreed asking: "Where's Kathy Beale gone? #EastEnders"

Has she gone on her hollibobs? (Credit: BBC)

Others are fearing she has faked her death again and won't return for another decade.

"Where the hell is Kathy Beale?" tweeted one concerned viewer.

They added: "Has she gone back to being dead again? She’s vanished from the Square and nobody seems to have noticed? #EastEnders"

She hasn't been seen in months (Credit: BBC)

Another said: "Has Kathy Beale faked her own death again? Haven’t seen her in months #eastenders"

One fan appeared to solve the mystery tweeting: "Kathy Beale is still on holiday #EastEnders"

But others were still confused asking: "Where’s Kathy Beale these days? #EastEnders"

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Another said: "Can I ask a serious question? Where has Kathy Beale disappeared off to in EastEnders?"

Is it possible Kathy has actually faked her own death again without anyone knowing?

Entertainment Daily can confirm viewers will have answers soon about where the cafe owner has got to so hold tight!

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