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Sunday 31st May 2020

EastEnders fans WANT Martin and Sonia to get back together after he tells Stacey he slept with ex

Monia: The Sequel?

Viewers of EastEnders have admitted a guilty secret - that they love Martin and Sonia together and want them to reunite!

Martin is currently married to Stacey, but some viewers have revealed they would prefer stallholder-turned-reluctant-loan-shark Martin to get back together with his first wife Sonia.

Sonia kissed Martin last year, proving she still harbours feelings for him (Credit: BBC)

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On Monday (October 28), Martin went to meet his wife, who hasn't been seen on screen since August.

However, it was far from a happy reunion.

Stacey began questioning her husband over the cuts and bruises on his face, but he didn't want to tell her the real reason she couldn't return to Walford - Ben Mitchell threatened to kill her and her kids.

Stacey raged at Martin when he told her he'd slept with Sonia (Credit: BBC)

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At first Stacey knew there was a reason Martin was behaving strangely, but he went to desperate lengths to protect Stacey.

In order to get Stacey to believe he really wanted their marriage to end, he lied and told her he had slept with his ex-wife Sonia.

I much prefer Martin with Sonia, definitely not Stacey now.

Stacey said they could work through it, as she had cheated in the past, but Martin told her he didn't want to and he wanted to be with Sonia.

Oh Martin, what have you done? (Credit: BBC)

But fans have expressed a desire to see Martin's fiction turn into fact...

One fan tweeted: "Sonia and Martin deffo gonna have a cheeky [bleep] before Christmas. I'd put £10 on it."

Another said: "Now Sonia thinks Martin's a free man again, how long before she's once again trying to make a move on him?"

A third added: "Martin for goodness sake, stop telling Stacey you slept with Sonia, it's almost like you want to!"

"Martin chucks his ring, this absolutely adds to my theory that he and Sonia will have an affair," said one more.

On Digital Spy Forums, one Monia enthusiast wrote: "I would have thought Martin and Sonia would have gotten back together by now.

"I much prefer Martin with Sonia, definitely not Stacey now."

Another thought the same, writing: "I agree, I love Martin and Sonia together. I think they are really natural together and have much more chemistry than him and Stacey."

A third said: "I grew up with Martin and Sonia being together, so it will always be them for me.

"I think they have really great chemistry. Stacey does not love Martin. It's clear as day the way she treats him sometimes."

Martin and his two wives (Credit: BBC)

"Martin and Sonia no question," confirmed another.

Stacey left Walford with husband Martin and two of her three children Lily and Hope because she was the one who attacked Phil Mitchell.

When Martin returned to be by daughter Bex's side after her recent suicide attempt, Ben - who knows the truth about the attack - decided to make Martin's life a misery by blackmailing him into doing his dirty work.

In real-life, Stacey actress Lacey Turner went on maternity leave.

She welcomed a daughter, Dusty, back in July with her husband Matt Kay.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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