EastEnders fans heartbroken as Ben completely loses his hearing

Will he be permanently deaf?

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EastEnders fans were left heartbroken for Ben Mitchell after Danny fired a gun near his good ear, causing him to completely lose his hearing.

Ben, who was already partially deaf, ended up losing more of his hearing in the boat accident back in February. This accident left him in need of an operation.

The boat accident caused further damage to Ben’s hearing (Credit: BBC)

How did Ben completely lose his hearing?

In last night’s episode (Monday, June 1), Ben and Phil planned to do a job for dodgy Danny Hardcastle. However, as Phil ran through the plans with his son, Ben struggled to hear.

Fed up, Phil told his son he couldn’t do his job. After an altercation with Lola, the young businessman went out to get drunk. But as Phil left Albert Square with Danny, Ben noticed that a van was following them.

Ben took Gray’s car from the Arches and headed to the warehouse after swapping the plates.

Danny fired the gun by Ben’s good ear (Credit: BBC)

When he got to the warehouse, he discovered Danny planned to set Phil up for murder.

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Danny then turned his attention on Ben and began to torment him. Danny then pushed the young businessman onto a chair and said: “This your good ear…? Is it? Can you hear me?”

When Ben yelled back “no”, Danny fired the gun right next to his ear causing him to be in excruciating pain.

Ben was left completely deaf (Credit: BBC)

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Eventually Phil and Ben managed to escape the warehouse with the money from the job. But as the father and son drove away, Ben began to hear a static-like sound before completely losing his hearing, leaving fans heartbroken.

What’s next for Ben?

In tonight’s episode (Tuesday, June 2) Callum is worried about Ben and confides in Sharon about dating a Mitchell.

But he’s left frustrated when she tells him to turn a blind eye to his dodgy dealings.

Will EastEnders’ Ben deaf forever?

EastEnders has not revealed if it will be permanent damage, but the soap has confirmed that the storyline will play out for some time.

Viewers have already been introduced to new character, Frankie, played by deaf actress Rose Ayling-Ellis, as part of an exploration of the experiences of deaf people.

Spoilers: Next week’s EastEnders

There’s tension between Sharon and Phil (Credit: BBC)

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There’s tension for Phil and Sharon in next week’s episodes.

Ian arranges a memorial for Dennis and Sharon is touched. But it’s Phil’s speech when he arrives at the last minute that leaves everyone in tears.

However later there is tension between Sharon and Phil as they argue over their future.

Can they get through this together?

EastEnders is on Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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