Coronation Street SPOILERS: Maria confesses to Carla that she slept with Ali

After struggling with feelings of guilt and regret, Maria tells all

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Next week, Coronation Street’s Maria Connor confesses that she slept with Ali Neeson, confiding in Carla about her infidelity.

Maria becomes suspicious of partner Gary Windass’ strange behaviour later this week and believes that he’s up to his old tricks again, and as she begins to doubt their future, she becomes close to Ali.

Maria and Ali share a kiss at the barber’s shop (Credit ITV)

After seeing Ryan hand Gary a wad of cash in an envelope, Maria assumes that he is once again mixed up in trouble and begins to question their future together.

However, what Maria doesn’t know is that Gary’s strange behaviour is linked to the fact he plans to propose and he has been searching for a ring.

Last week, ITV released spoiler photos showing Maria and Ali kissing while at the barber shop. However, it has now been revealed that their passion for each other goes further and they sleep together.

After giving into temptation and sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Ali, Maria struggles with feelings of guilt and regret.

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She decides that she needs to talk to someone about what she has done and decides to confide in Carla after she realises that she has put her future with Gary in jeopardy.

Maria talks to Carla about her guilt (Credit ITV)

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After her night of passion with ex-flame Ali, Maria will realise that she has made a huge mistake, and begins to regret her actions.

Ali however, is over the moon about what happened between them and calls at Maria’s flat begging her to give their relationship one more chance.

Maria later decides to tell Carla what she has done, saying that she had sex with Ali but regrets it deeply and only wants to be with Gary.

Gary and Maria announce their engagement (Credit ITV)

What will Carla’s advice be? And now one person knows, how much longer before the secret comes spilling out threatening Maria’s happy life?

As she reaches a decision about her future, Maria says ‘yes’ to Gary’s proposal and the couple announce their engagement publicly a few days later.

While Ali stays quiet about the affair and puts on a brave face in front of everyone, he later visits Maria at the barbers and begs her not to marry Gary.

However, Maria is unimpressed and tells Ali that she isn’t interested and wants him to stay out of her life.

Maria and Gary have recently faced a number of struggles, including losing their baby a few weeks ago, which Ali helped to support Maria through.

Will Gary find out the devastating truth? And how will he react if and when he does?

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