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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany discovers James is gay

Will she expose his secret?

Next week's Coronation Street sees poor Bethany Platt distraught as she is left humiliated after trying to kiss local footballer James Bailey...

Weatherfield County footballer James has been harbouring the secret that he is gay for years.

But with his career going from strength to strength, he has kept the truth hidden, worried that he might face prejudice from some fans if he came out.

Ed and Michael notice a spark between James and Bethany at the Bistro (Credit: ITV)

But next week, his secret is at risk of being uncovered to the world when he starts to get closer to Bethany.

When Bethany drops her coffee in the street, James is her knight in shining armour and hurries to her aid and, after his heroic moment, Bethany starts to think that maybe the man of her dreams has been right in front of her all this time.

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When they later bump into each other in the Bistro and Bethany thanks James for his help, the spark between the pair doesn't go unnoticed by Michael and Ed and they tease James about fancying Bethany.

James's family tease him about fancying Bethany (Credit: ITV)

Desperate to get his dad and brother off his back, James lies that he and Bethany have got a date lined up... and quickly realises that he is actually going to he have ask her out to keep up appearances.

Bethany is thrilled when James asks her on a date and, as the pair enjoy a drink together, she's convinced that perhaps this time she might be lucky in love for once.

And it seems all her Christmases have come at once when James asks her along to a surprise party at their house for Ed - with her quickly agreeing to be his plus one.

Ed is surprised when Aggie throws a party for him (Credit: ITV)

However after Bethany has a run in with Daniel at the party, who is a broken man following Sinead's cancer diagnosis, she heads to the garden upset, and James follows her.

As the pair chat Bethany is touched by James's kindness and goes in for a kiss, but she is left mortified when he recoils.

And after the horrendous few years she has been subjected to thanks to evil Nathan Curtis, Bethany doesn't react well to the rejection.

Realising that he is going to have to tell poor Bethany the truth... James bites the bullet and blurts out he is gay, leaving her baffled.

James comforts Bethany and she goes in for a kiss... (Credit: ITV)

Confused about why James asked her on a date if he is gay, Bethany heads home to get some space. But James later goes to see her to give a proper explanation about what is going on.

He begs her to keep his secret to herself, explaining that he can't come out as gay because it would be impossible to be a black, gay footballer and not face prejudice from some fans.

James pulls away, leaving Bethany humiliated (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Bethany softens when she realises how much James is struggling and agrees to keep his secret. But how long will it be before someone else uncovers the truth?

And where does this leave poor Bethany? Is this latest heartache going to put her off romance for good?

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