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Coronation Street fans horrified by ‘rip-off’ price of flowers in Tracy’s shop


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Coronation Street viewers have learnt where NOT to buy flowers from in Weatherfield.

Fans of the ITV soap were left horrified on Wednesday (August 7) when Mary Taylor sold a bunch of blooms to Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong – and must have made a tidy profit!

Mary florist
Mary the daylight robber? (Credit: ITV)

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In the first of two episodes, soap villain Gary decided to pay Mary a little visit.

After discovering the £600 cash he’d stolen from Rick Neelan had gone missing, a furious Gary believed Mary must have the money after she bought the chest of drawers where he’d stashed it.

Pretending he wanted to buy some flowers, he headed to the florist where she works.

Mary florist
No wonder Mary was smiling! (Credit: ITV)

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While Mary was busy finding a suitable bouquet for him, Gary saw his chance and quickly started snooping around in a bid to find his money.

But Corrie fans know that not much gets past Mary, and she quickly spotted him in the act.

Confronting him, she was startled when he accused her of having the £600 – which she vehemently denied.

Mary florist
Did Mary deliberately overcharge Gary? (Credit: ITV)

Luckily, Izzy arrived at the scene and defused the situation as Gary’s cover story was that he was buying her some flowers.

As Mary handed Gary a small bouquet, she charged him a whopping £25!

And fans were quick to call out Mary’s inflated prices…

One tweeted: “£25 for the worst bunch of flowers I have ever seen that were probs £5 in Tesco. Mary just ripped you off love #Corrie.”

Another blasted: “£25 for that tiny bunch of basic flowers?! Would cost three quid in a supermarket! Daylight robbery!”

A third joked: “Don’t [bleep] off Mary or you’ll be way overcharged for flowers.”

Another canny fan suspected Mary was “making Gary pay for his behaviour”.

£25 for those [bleep] flowers??!” asked one more. “Should have gone to Dev’s! #Corrie.”

Two things we learnt from the scene – one, Mary would have enjoyed a large glass of wine in the Rovers that night. And, two, Gary won’t be buying Izzy flowers again any time soon!

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