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Friday 6th December 2019

Coronation Street fans shocked as Jan's true identity is revealed in huge twist

Did you guess?

After months of speculation, the identity of Coronation Street's dark horse Jan Lozinski has finally been revealed.

Some soap fans had assumed the mysterious newcomer to Weatherfield was involved in illegal trafficking.

They didn't trust him one bit - fearing he would break Eileen's heart like Pat Phelan before him.

Seb confronted Jan about his dodgy behaviour recently (Credit: ITV)

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Some, however, suspected he was working as an undercover police officer...

In fact, the builder was revealed to be a secret informant, helping the police capture human traffickers.

On Wednesday night (August 7), the police burst into the nail salon, arresting Eileen and Jan, alongside the two traffickers Nikolai and Rachel.

Eileen still doesn't know the truth about Jan (Credit: ITV)

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But viewers were stunned when lawyer Paula walked into Jan's police cell and said: "Well, it would appear you're quite the hero."

When he told her he didn't feel much like a hero, Paula said that his role as an informant had helped the police secure prosecutions.

Aww this has to be the saddest twist to a storyline.

In a sad twist, he was told he could never contact Eileen again.

He's not a wrong'un after all! (Credit: ITV)

He asked: "So when can I see Eileen? I've been really horrible to her and put her life in danger."

"You can't," Paula replied. "The welfare officer will come and talk to you, but they'll suggest that you relocate away from here and that for your own safety you don't try and contact Eileen ever again. I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Eileen was outside the station believing Jan was a criminal and lamenting her bad taste in men.

After being released without charge, she told Abi: "I really liked Jan. Why couldn't he have turned out to be a good guy?"

Oh Eileen, if only you knew!

Viewers described the episode as "brilliant" and "surprising".

One wrote: "So that’s his connection with Paula. I really didn't see that coming! Good on Jan, a man with a conscience. Poor Eileen though, thinking she'd picked a wrong'un again. #Corrie."

Another wrote: "Great ending, had a feeling he was a good guy after all."

A third typed: "Yay! He's not a wrong'un after all! Very, very pleased to find that out at the end, though more than a little bit heartbroken at Paula's advice to him!"

"Aww this has to be the saddest twist to a storyline," wrote one upset fan. "I'm heartbroken for both of them now! #Corrie."

Will Jan be back for Eileen? (Credit: ITV)

However, there is a glimmer of hope, as when one fan complained the storyline was over too quickly, a spokesperson for Corrie teased: "Who said it was over?"

So is this the last we'll ever see of Jan? Or will he back to explain himself to Eileen?

We do know that on Friday (August 9), Alina is also moved to a safe house in a new area and is unsure whether she should see Seb again...

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