Coronation Street fans confused by Jade’s age and say John Stape twist ‘makes no sense’

Does it add up?

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Jade Rowan’s secret identity has been revealed – and, like many Coronation Street viewers suspected, she’s John Stape’s daughter.

On Wednesday night (November 27), Jade visited the grave of her dead dad and, with tears streaming down her face, read him a John Milton poem.

Jade visited the grave of her killer dad John Stape (Credit: ITV)

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But some of those watching from home admitted they were seriously confused about the twist – saying the years just “didn’t make sense” and claimed that Fiz would have known if her husband had a daughter as a teenager.

Jade’s connection to John explains why she’s become so attached to young Hope – because she’s her half-sister.

Isn’t Jade a bit too old to be John Stape’s daughter?

Viewers know that John – played by Graeme Hawley – covered up teacher Colin Fishwick’s death from a heart attack so he could take on his identity after losing his job in teaching.

John Stape grave
John Stape 1978 – 2011: So how old was he when he had his daughter Jade? (Credit: ITV)

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He then effectively killed Colin’s mother Joy Fishwick and murdered his colleague Charlotte Hoyle, making it look like she’d died in the tram crash on the street.

John died in 2011 when Hope, his daughter with Fiz, was just 10 months old. He crashed into the back of a lorry during a car chase with Kevin Webster.

Now it seems Jade is hellbent on ruining Fiz, because she blames her for his death…

John Stape hid his criminal activities from wife Fiz (Credit: ITV)

But many fans at home wondered how Fiz didn’t know John didn’t have a child, and were confused about how old he must have been when he had Jade.

So, if John died when he was 33, he’d be 41 now and Jade is currently 23… So he’d have been 18 or 19 when he fathered her.

One fan tweeted: “Isn’t Jade a bit too old to be John Stape’s daughter? What age did he become father to her: 19? #Corrie.”

Another said: “How old is Jade as Stape couldn’t really be her dad #Corrie.”

A third said: “So John Stape’s grave said born 1978. So how old is Jade supposed to be? Surely mid-twenties at least if she’s supposed to be a teacher? So how old was John when he had her then?? #Corrie.”

How is Jade younger than 30 years old? If John was born in 1978, when on earth did he become a dad? In his teens? #Corrie.”

Other fans believed Fiz would have known about John’s daughter as the pair met when they were teens.

One said: “Corrie making John Stape Jade’s dad is so far fetched! It just so happened she was working at the same school Hope got sent to? Also how old was John when he had her, if he died when he was 33?”

Another agreed, typing: “How old is Jade supposed to be? Didn’t John and Fiz go to school together? Weren’t they teen sweethearts before meeting each other again? When is Jade supposed to have been conceived? Do I smell… retcon?”

A third added: “I remember that Fiz and John Stape were supposed to have been at school together so wouldn’t Fiz have known there was a girlfriend that John got pregnant?”

“This is daft. She was so close to him but we never saw or heard of her,” blasted one, while another said: “Errrr the years make no sense.”

Credit: ITV
John Stape had Jade before he met Fiz (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street has told us that John used to be a mobile DJ trading under the name ‘DJ Laserbeam’.

He met Fiz at one of the youth club discos where he was working and they had a brief relationship when he was 19 and she was 13.

She would skip school to see him, but John eventually ended the relationship.

So John could have had a child before they met, but why keep her quiet?

Reports say that Jade gets Hope and Ruby taken away from Fiz and Tyrone by social services, but is she after custody?

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