Coronation Street: Who is Dylan’s mum? Why did Violet leave Weatherfield?

Violet was last seen in 2011

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Coronation Street viewers saw the return of Sean’s son Dylan in tonight’s episodes (Monday, January 18) after being sent to Manchester by his mum Violet.

Dylan came back to Weatherfield with his dad Sean last year. However in tonight’s visit to Weatherfield, Sean told Nick that Violet would be bringing Dylan to the cobbles as he had been suspended from school.

Viewers didn’t get to see Violet, however this isn’t the first time she has been mentioned in recent months.

Why did Violet decide to leave Coronation Street?

Coronation Street: Who is Dylan’s mum, Violet?

Dylan’s mum is Violet Wilson, who was on the cobbles from 2004 until 2008. She was played by actress Jenny Platt.

Violet was a barmaid in the Rovers pub and became good friends with Sean Tully.

In 2007, Sean and Violet got drunk and the topic of having children came up. They agreed if neither of them had a child by the time they were 30, they would have one together.

Coronation Street: who is Dylan’s mum Violet fell? (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

However they then agreed to try for a baby immediately and Violet fell pregnant.

During her pregnancy, Violet wanted to raise the baby without Sean. However when he found out, he threatened with legal action.

Eventually Violet reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jamie and in February 2008, she gave birth to a son, who she named Dylan.

Why did Violet leave Weatherfield?

Jamie and Violet began living together but they soon decided to move to London to raise Dylan. They planned this behind Sean’s back, but he soon found out the truth.

Although he tried to stop them, they left and cut contact with Sean.

Violet and Jamie planned to move to London with Dylan (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2011, Sean managed to get back in contact with Violet and she reappeared in the Easter special as Sean went to visit her in London.

She began allowing him to see his son and Sean has kept in contact and visited him over the years.

Dylan’s return

Dylan is played by Liam McCheyne. Liam previously played Dylan between 2011 and 2012 alongside his twin brother Connor.

When the character returned last year, it was revealed the teenager would be coming back on a more permanent basis.

Dylan is back in Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

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In tonight’s episode Dylan revealed to Sean he was being bullied at school because his dad is gay.

Later Sean will suggest that his son should come and live with him, leaving Dylan thrilled.

However problems soon begin to arise when Sean reminds Gemma she needs to give him his commission from the make up sales.

Later, Gemma says she wants out of the pyramid make up business and Sean wonders how we will pay Rhydian.After a call to Rhydian, Sean tells Gemma if she doesn’t find the money, they’ll both be sued.

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