Coronation Street's Yasmeen and Geoff

Coronation Street villain Geoff forces Yasmeen into sex in sickening scenes

There's no low to which he won't stoop

Coronation Street fans are devastated and sickened by Geoff Metcalfe forcing wife Yasmeen to have sex.

Evil Geoff coerced Yasmeen into satisfying his sick demands despite her being clearly unwell and unwilling.

Coronation Street villain Geoff forced Yasmeen up the stairs (Credit: ITV)

In upsetting scenes in last night’s episode, Yasmeen tried to stop Geoff but he broke her self-esteem down so much she was unable to stop him.

After snuggling up to watch a film, Geoff asked her what she wanted to do next.

Yasmeen suggested Scrabble, but Geoff insisted that they go to bed despite her obvious discomfort.

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“Not tonight Geoff, I’m not feeling that great,” said Yasmeen.

But instead of caring about his wife’s free will, Geoff brushed off her illness and he claimed she needed to visit the ‘love doctor’.

An uncaring Geoff told trembling Yasmeen not to “ruin” their perfect day before forcing her up the stairs.

Next week things get worse when Geoff attacks Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

Horrified viewers flocked to Twitter and one said: “Yasmeen doesn’t seem like she’s consenting to whatever’s about to take place.”

A second said: “Well, #Corrie has just completely depressed me, girls and women being humiliated and coerced.”

A third said: “The sooner they kill Geoff ‘The Love Doctor’ off the better. He makes me feel hatred I didn’t know I was capable of.”

A fourth said: “Geoff leading Yasmin up the stairs just made my skin crawl.”

What happens next?

In next week’s episodes, Yasmeen learns she’s tested positive for chlamydia. When Geoff finds out, he immediately accuses her of cheating.

But when she brings up the fact he’s been meeting escorts, he’s outraged. He soon declares she must have caught it from her ex-husband Sharif. As punishment, he begins to starve her.

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Geoff then forces her to wear a dress he bought for a prostitute to the bistro reopening – and humiliates her.

When they return home, Geoff goads her as he tucks into his food without offering her any and then rages at her with a knife leaving her fearing for her life.

Hungry and not thinking straight, Yasmeen grabs a bottle of wine. As a struggle ensues, Yasmeen lashes out and Geoff ends up slumped on the kitchen floor.

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