Coronation Street viewers praise soap after last night’s episode

Rana died in last night's episode

Coronation Street has been praised after last night’s episode which showed the aftermath of the factory roof collapse and confirmed the death of Rana Habeeb.

Rana was due to marry fiancee Kate Connor. The waitress was left waiting at the venue for Rana and Alya revealed the bride-to-be was feeling nervous, leaving Kate wondering if she had been stood up.

Kate and Rana were due to get married (Credit: ITV)

As Rana’s brother Imran left their flat he saw the disaster at the factory but Gina revealed that Rana got her dress and left a while ago.

Sadly no one had seen Rana re-enter the factory office to get her bag and she rang Kate to tell her where she was… trapped in the factory.

Kate made it back to the Street but as she arrived more of the roof came down, further injuring Rana.

Ali and the fire crew went back in to try to help her but Ali revealed that she wasn’t going to make it, leaving Kate and Imran devastated.

Kate went inside the factory to say her vows and she cradled her partner as she passed away.

Kate cradles dead Rana in her arms Corrie
Rana died (Credit: ITV)

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Along with Rana’s death, Kirk was trapped under a piece of rubble and Sally was unconscious after falling through the roof.

Sally was rushed to hospital with Tim blaming Gina for what happened.

Sally fell through the roof (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers praised the cast for their performance describing it as “incredible” and “gripping”.

However, others weren’t happy with the soap and threatened to boycott Corrie after Rana died.

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