Coronation Street: Viewers brand Craig ‘the dodgiest copper’ as he gives away important police information

Sarah demanded to know what was going on with Gary

Coronation Street viewers have branded Craig Tinker ‘the dodgiest copper’ as he gives away important police information.

Recently Sarah anonymously called crime stoppers and reported she knew there was a body buried in the local woods.

Police began to question Gary, who killed Rick and buried his body in the woods last year.

However when police went to find the body, it was clear the ground had been disturbed but there was no body.

Coronation Street Sarah grasses up Gary
Sarah reported the body in the woods (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, December 23) Sarah saw Gary back on the cobbles. As she saw Craig in his police uniform, she questioned why Gary hadn’t been arrested.

Craig told Sarah she would need to speak to an investigating officer on the case, but she was furious and demanded to know why he was walking around free.

Cobbles resident Craig is a police officer (Credit; ITV)

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Craig soon caved in and told her: “You can’t say I said. All I know is, they found evidence that there’d been a body there, but the DNA was too degraded to be conclusive.”

Viewers were baffled that Craig gave away important police information and branded him ‘the dodgiest copper’.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Gary?

In tonight’s Coronation Street (Thursday, December 24), Gary leaves a message for Maria after spending a night in the furniture shop.

Meanwhile Kelly calls at the flat and tearfully explains to Maria that she needs to see Gary as he’s the only person in contact with her dad.

Kelly wants to contact her dad, Rick. But Gary says he hasn’t heard from him (Credit: ITV)

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Maria summons Gary to the flat. When he arrives he’s taken aback to see Kelly there.

She explains she received a Christmas card from her dad and is desperate o talk to him. But Gary asserts he hasn’t had any contact with Rick for ages and he can’t help.

Coronation Street airs on Christmas Eve at 7.45pm and Christmas Day at 7pm on ITV.

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