Coronation Street SPOILERS: Ray begins to evict residents as he wins planning approval

Ray has been planning his new development for months

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Ray begins to kick residents out of their houses after getting the approval for his new development. But can he be stopped?

In scenes that will air the first week of the new year, residents watch the council planning meeting via a live link in the factory.

Debbie puts forward a strong case for the development, while Roy gives an impassioned speech to save their community.

Residents watch the meeting via a live link (Credit: ITV)

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When the meeting is over, the Chairperson announces the committee has found in Ray’s favour and the development can go ahead.

Coronation Street: Residents are told to leave their homes

As Ray and Debbie congratulate each other, the residents are horrified to find letters stuck to their front doors informing them they have two weeks to vacate their properties before the demolition boys move in.

Discussing the fact that their eviction letters were delivered within seconds of the committee’s decision, Sally smells a rat.

Kevin is disgusted with his sister. Meanwhile Nick tells Ray that he’s changed his mind and would like to accept his offer to relocate the business.

Nick tells Ray that he’s changed his mind and would like to accept his offer to relocate the business (Credit: ITV)

However Ray laughs in his face and tells him he’s too late.

Abi tells residents the only way for them to beat Ray is if they all pull together.

Meanwhile Ray meets up with the Chairperson of the planning committee and buys her a drink.

A protest gets out of hand

Later, Abi is determined to take action, using a loudhailer to spread the word about evil Ray.

As she yells defamatory statements about him, he makes a discreet phone call.

Craig is sent to disperse the protest but in the ensuing commotion, belligerent Abi throws the loudhailer, hitting him in the face.

The residents protest (Credit: ITV)

David’s outraged to discover No.8’s locks have been changed. Meanwhile Tim’s dismayed when Ray reveals the Hale Barns project has been put on ice indefinitely so the Metcalfe family can’t move, but must still vacate No.4.

As Tim and Sally fear being made homeless, Abi’s sure there must be someone with ammunition to stop Ray. Faye listens in turmoil.

Later David is horrified to discover his new home is on Shona’s old estate.

David is being relocated to Shona’s old estate (Credit: ITV)

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David accuses Ray of rehousing them there out of spite. But Ray darkly warns the hairdresser that things will get nasty if he refuses to leave No.8.

Meanwhile Abi is determined to prove that Ray bribed the planning committee, despite her waning support.

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