Coronation Street: Steve refuses to give up on Oliver

Steve wants to sell his businesses to take the hospital to court

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Coronation Street fans were left in tears as Steve refused to give up on his terminally ill son Oliver.

A few months ago, Steve and Leanne’s son was diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease. However Oliver’s parents are holding on to hope that he can be treated and get better.

Recently, they were told the clinic in Germany would be unable to treat Oliver as his condition is too severe. But Leanne and Steve believe doctors convinced the clinic not to go ahead with the trial and are planning to take the hospital to court.

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Leanne makes a plan to take poorly Oliver out of the country
Oliver was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episodes (Monday, October 5), Tracy began to worry about spending money on a court case that they wouldn’t win.

She pulled out of the sale of her flat and flower shop Preston’s Petals. Later she told Steve about her decision, but he didn’t take it well and accused her of caring more about money than her stepson.

At the hospital, Steve took over watching Oliver for the night. As he sat down, he read the little boy a story.

Steve refuses to give up on the toddler (Credit: ITV)

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But when he got to the end, Steve said: “This is where you say again, again!”

As Steve watched over his son, viewers were left in tears over the heartbreaking scenes.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Steve, Leanne and Oliver?

Later this week, Nick decides to tell Leanne about his son Sam.

Nick explains his ex-girlfriend Natasha gave birth to Sam nine years ago but kept it a secret from him.

Leanne meets Sam (Credit: ITV)

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When he tells Leanne that he met Sam a few days out and kept it from her as he was worried about the strain she’s under with Oliver, Leanne is furious.

She demands Nick summon Natasha and Sam to the hospital. How will she react when she meets Nick’s son?

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