Coronation Street star Melanie Hill reveals her doctor recognised her during an intimate examination

The actress gets recognised in the weirdest places

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Coronation Street star Melanie Hill has revealed the weirdest place she was recognised – during an intimate examination at the doctors.

The Cathy Matthews actress, 59, is known to millions as the busybody kebab shop worker from the ITV soap.

Actress Melanie Hill plays Cathy Matthews in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

But sometimes, people recognise her in the strangest of situations.

And being in the middle of a medical procedure doesn’t stop people from asking her about her TV work.

“The most bizarre place I’ve been recognised was during an intimate examination at the doctors,” she told the Mirror.

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“The lady who was doing it asked me if I was an actress because I looked familiar!

“It is so weird when things like that happen. I never went back!”

Melanie is currently at the centre of one of the soap’s biggest storylines after Cathy turned into an internet troll.

Cathy has let Brian take the blame so far (Credit: ITV)

She posted hurtful lies about Steve McDonald, claiming he was stealing from his dead son Oliver’s charity fund.

Steve’s daughter, Amy, quickly discovered it was down to a newsagent and blamed Cathy’s partner, Brian.

He has taken the blame – and the abuse for Cathy’s actions.

And next week, Cathy’s nephew Alex will find himself on the receiving end of the abuse after defending her.

Coronation Street’s Melanie Hill plays Cathy as she’s attacked by trolls

Cathy finally cracks, unable to keep the secret anymore. She tells Tracy and Dev that she was responsible for the nasty online comment, not Brian.

In the café, Tracy launches a verbal attack on Cathy. Cathy soon calls over to No.5 with fish and chips, but Gemma gives her the short shrift.

Cathy is crushed as she starts realising that her friends are deserting her.

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She assures Gemma that she regrets what she said online about Steve and Tracy. However, Gemma is unforgiving and tells her to stay away in future.

But things get even worse for Cathy when Roy reveals to her that Alex has been trying to stick up for her on social media. However, he’s now being trolled for defending her.

Later, Cathy tells Roy that Alex is going to his mum’s in Scotland until all the online animosity has died down. She feels her nephew is being unfairly punished.

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