Coronation Street SPOILERS: Triple exit, terrible health news, and a devastating split

Peter gets some bad news!

Coronation Street spoilers reveal there’s a shock triple exit, bad health news for Peter, new romance for Seb and Alina and a devastating split in next week’s episodes.

Coronation Street spoilers: Triple exit, terrible health news and devastating split

Monday April 5 – Episode one

Tyrone heads off to work whilst Fiz packs for their caravan holiday.

Soon Tyrone explains to Alina that it was Fiz’s idea for her to move away.

Later he spots an immigration enforcement van outside Alina’s flat. Tyrone races over and Alina explains they’re raiding the premises as someone has reported her for tax evasion.

Tyrone accuses Fiz of shopping Alina to immigration.

One of Harvey’s dealers, Ned turns up at Leanne’s flat. He says he’ll be using her place to bag up the drugs.

Ned introduces himself to Simon. But when Leanne quizzes Ned about the drugs delivery, he becomes suspicious of her motives.

Meanwhile, Nina confides in Roy that she’s worried for Asha. She says she never would’ve got back with Corey if it weren’t for her.

Nina tells Seb they need to cool their relationship as they’re hurting Asha.

Monday April 5 – Episode two

Fiz is furious with Tyrone for accusing her of shopping Alina to the authorities.

Fiz looks Tyrone in the eye and demands to know how he feels. Tyrone admits he’s in love with Alina.

Leanne and Simon manage to convince Ned they’re on his side.

Soon she meets up with DC Costello and fills him in on Ned’s drug plan.

Seb wins Nina round and she agrees to a date.

Wednesday April 7 – Episode one

Ned orders Leanne to call in sick to work as the drug delivery is back on. Nick and Toyah see Harvey approach Leanne’s flat and Nick assumes he’s Leanne’s new boyfriend.

Harvey sets off to pickup the drugs, taking Simon with him.

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A weary Fiz explains to Ches that her and Tyrone’s relationship died a long time ago.

Meanwhile Tyrone thanks Kevin for letting him stay and assures him he made the right decision leaving Fiz.

Also, Todd starts work at the undertakers and presents George with a business plan.

Wednesday April 7 – Episode two

Harvey tells Leanne he was set up and someone grassed him up. She admits it was her.

Leanne tells Toyah that she and Simon are moving away as it’s the only way to keep him safe.

Carla agrees to terminate her contract at Underworld so she can concentrate on Peter.

Peter spots Lucas getting into a taxi and Carla assures Peter she wants nothing to do with Lucas and is quitting the factory to focus on him.

Friday April 9 – 1 hour

Nick reveals to Leanne that Toyah told him everything. He tells her that he still loves her.

Nick tells David and Sarah that Leanne has to move away. He’s forced to chose between going with her or staying with his son Sam.

Meanwhile Simon finds Peter in Victoria Garden and tells him he loves him.

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Peter attends at hospital appointment. The consultant reveals that his liver hasn’t improved, he needs a transplant but there’s no guarantee he’ll be elidable for one.

Peter’s shocked, but assures Daniel he’s not giving up.

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