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Coronation Street SPOILERS: What’s next for Imran and Abi after it’s revealed they spent the night together?

Imran revealed to Toyah he cheated, but not who with

In tonight’s Coronation Street it was revealed to viewers that Imran had slept with Abi the night of the verdict, but what’s next for both of their characters?

Recently Corey Brent was found not guilty for the murder of Abi’s son Seb Franklin.

However Imran’s foster daughter and client Kelly Neelan, who tried to stop Corey hurting Seb, was found guilty.

On the night of the verdict, Imran went into town (Credit: ITV)

After the verdict, Imran went out for the night and it was revealed he was going to stay the night on his ex, Sabeen’s sofa. However he didn’t end up spending the whole night at hers.

Sabeen began blackmailing Imran, telling him she would tell Toyah that he slept with someone else if he didn’t help her with Harvey Gaskell’s appeal.

Coronation Street spoilers: Imran told Toyah about Sabeen’s blackmail

Earlier this week, Abi returned to Weatherfield after being away for a few weeks.

Kevin and Jack were glad to see her return home, however they were unaware she had got hold of a gun.

She told Kevin and Jack she couldn’t promise she would stay.

In tonight’s scenes (Wednesday, October 13) Imran ended up coming clean to Toyah that she had a one night stand on the night of the verdict and was being blackmailed by Sabeen.

Imran told Toyah he cheated (Credit: ITV)

Toyah was devastated, however she had a chat with ex-boyfriend Peter who encouraged her to forgive Imran.

Meanwhile Nina paid Abi a visit and became suspicious of her strange behaviour.

Later, Toyah and Imran sat down and she said she did want to try again, but couldn’t promise she wouldn’t snap.

Imran offered to go out and get some bits they needed for their new foster daughter Elsie.

However he met up with Abi in the ginnel and he apologised saying he had to be honest with Toyah.

Imran told Abi that he didn’t mention her to Toyah and wanted to know if she was going to tell Kevin.

Abi told Imran she had bigger things to worry about and warned him to back off.

But what’s coming up next for the two?

Coronation Street: What’s next for Abi and Imran?

In Friday’s episode (October 15) Nina calls in to see Abi, but what does she have to say?

Meanwhile Sabeen accuses Imran of forwarding her private texts to her boss.

Imran realises his phone is missing ad that Toyah must be responsible, leaving him devastated.

Sabeen tells Harvey that Toyah has jeopardised his appeal (Credit: ITV)

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Knowing Harvey’s appeal has been compromised Peter and Toyah assure Simon he’s no longer in danger.

But across Weatherfield, Sabeen visits Harvey and tells him that Leanne’s sister Toyah has jeopardised his appeal.

In his cell, a furious Harvey vows revenge on the Battersby sisters.

What happens next week?

In next week’s scenes Harvey deliberately injures himself in prison and demands to go to hospital.

Meanwhile Dev, Aadi and Asha set off for their trip but they get lost on a country road. On the same lane, in the prison van, Harvey pulls a knife and the van swerves into the Alahan’s stationary car.

Harvey pulls himself out and prepares to escape.

Harvey is back and out for revenge (Credit: ITV)

Alone in the Bistro, Leanne is dressed as Morticia. She soon finds herself face to face with Harvey.

He soon binds her hands together when she tries to escape.

Later Harvey is intent on murder and goes after Leanne but suddenly the ground opens up.

Will Harvey and Leanne survive? Will he go after Toyah?

Meanwhile Abi is set on getting revenge on Corey. Soon they find themselves trapped in a sewer with water rising around them.

Abi wants revenge on Corey (Credit: ITV)

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Abi and Corey have a face off, but who has the gun and what happens when Roy peers down the hole?

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