Coronation Street SPOILERS: Tim lets slip about Geoff’s CCTV camera

Tim has been supporting Geoff

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Tim lets slip to Sally about Geoff’s CCTV camera. How will she react?

While Yasmeen and Geoff were living together, he set up a hidden CCTV camera in her house in order to keep an eye on what she did.

But after the camera caught him threatening Yasmeen before she attacked him, he deleted the footage. However Tim saw the camera.

Tim found out about Geoff’s camera (Credit: ITV)

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After getting Tim to keep quiet about the camera, saying it didn’t capture anything, Geoff threw it in the bin.

But next week, Geoff continues to cause trouble for Alya.

Geoff sabotages Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

When the abusive radio DJ turns up to work at Speed Daal Alya is horrified. She orders him out but Geoff points out he legally has every right to be there and she’d better get used to it.

Coronation Street: Geoff’s sabotage pushes Alya to breaking point

When Alya finds out Geoff has applied for an alcohol licence she’s further infuriated and points out that he needs Yasmeen’s permission too.

Alya reaches breaking point (Credit: ITV)

Later Alya is annoyed when she finds an alcohol delivery on the door steps of Speed Daal and point blank refuses to let Geoff buy her out of the business.

But Geoff tries to sabotage the restaurant by cancelling shifts, leaving Alya struggling alone with takeout orders.

Alya reaches breaking point and sees red, throwing everyone out and smashing the place up in a frenzy. What will happen when Geoff and Tim arrive?

Tim reveals Geoff’s CCTV

Tim tells Sally about the camera (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff continues to play the victim but when Ryan tells Tim that Geoff has been undermining him for months, Tim starts to wonder if his dad is as innocent as he has been making out.

Later at home Tim lets slip to Sally about  the CCTV camera that Geoff had. Horrified, Sally tells Tim to open his eyes and see his dad for what he really is.

Is Tim finally starting to see Geoff’s true colours?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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