Coronation Street SPOILERS: Simon finds Leanne unconcious

Leanne has been grieving for her son Oliver, who died a few weeks ago

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Simon finds Leanne unconscious and alone in her flat, but will she be okay?

Over the last few weeks Leanne has been alone in her flat grieving for her son Oliver.

In next week’s scenes Gary lies in a police cell, knowing there’s no way out of his predicament.

Kelly soon goes public with her suspicions about Gary killing Rick.

Simon comes across a hysterical Kelly trying to break into Gary’s shop wanting justice for her dad. He tries to calm her down.

Simon comes across a hysterical Kelly (Credit: ITV)

It’s not long before Kelly and Simon are bonding over their parent trouble and arrange a date.

Meanwhile Leanne admits to Dr Gaddas that she’s been pretending to be in France with her mum and sister.

Seeing her anguish, the doctor arranges sleeping tablets and an appointment.

Desperate for sleep, Leanne takes two pills and lies down on the sofa.

Coronation Street spoilers: Simon finds Leanne unconscious

As Simon goes to get changed for his date with Kelly, he’s horrified to find Leanne passed out on the sofa next to a bottle of sleeping pills and calls an ambulance.

Simon finds Leanne unconscious (Credit: ITV)

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An embarrassed Leanne admits she took one pill too many and had no intention of harming herself.

Simon is horrified when he learns his mum never went to France and has been alone in her flat for weeks.

As Leanne breaks down, Kelly is upset when Simon fails to show up for their date.

Simon is horrified to find Leanne passed out in the flat (Credit: ITV)

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With his focus now on Leanne, Simon calls Kelly to apologise before telling Leanne it’s time he looked after her for a change.

When Nick asks about the ambulance, Simon covers for Leanne as she continues to hide away. Will she be okay?

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