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Sunday 9th August 2020

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Robert rushed to hospital after horror car crash

Are his lies are about to come crashing down around him?

Cheating Robert Preston finds his two worlds colliding in next week's Coronation Street when Michelle Connor and Vicky Jefferies both rush to his hospital bedside after a car accident.

It looks like the truth that her husband-to-be is having a baby with another woman is about to be revealed to Michelle next week when Robert is distracted by a phone call while driving home from Vicky's house.

Michelle has been suspicious that Robert is hiding something for weeks (Credit: ITV)

With his attention taken away from the road, Robert finds himself caught up in a horrific car crash, and later when Michelle can't get hold of him she starts to panic.

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Eventually the police call her and reveal that Robert has been in a car crash, leaving her terrified for his wellbeing.

But when the police tell her that he has been taken to Macclesfield hospital, Michelle is left baffled because he had told her that he was going to Sandbach.

Michelle sees Robert in hospital, but makes a shocking discovery (Credit: ITV)

However that's not the only clue that Michelle is about to find that proves that Robert has been lying to her.

At the hospital she is bemused when a confused Robert keeps asking about a baby, and the plot thickens when she then spots his 'Big Daddy' necklace next to the bed.

Robert panics when Vicky comes to visit him (Credit: ITV)

Michelle is convinced that something is going on, and confides in Carla that something doesn't add up with Robert.

But when she quizzes him later about her findings, she feels better when Robert is able to worm his way out of trouble by giving her a plausible excuse for all the baby talk.

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However, Robert isn't out of trouble yet, because later one of the midwives recognises him, and when Vicky comes to the hospital for a check up she tells the worried mum-to-be that Robert has been brought in after a car crash.

Vicky dashes to be by Robert's side, but he is horrified when he sees her, terrified that Michelle could also turn up at any moment, giving his game away.

Michelle and Carla follow Robert to Vicky's house (Credit: ITV)

Robert is a man on the edge as a game of musical chairs begins in his hospital room, with both Vicky and Michelle both coming to visit him.

But while he manages to keep the two women in his life apart for now, Michelle is still doing her detective work.

With the stress becoming too much for him, Robert goes to see Vicky to tell her that it is over between them... but little does he know, Michelle and Carla have got his phone and have followed him to Vicky's address.

Robert tells Vicky that it's over... but he has no idea that Michelle is following him (Credit: ITV)

It seems the game is finally up for two-timing Robert when Michelle sees him with Vicky and she confronts him about his pregnant girlfriend... but will he manage to talk his way out of this latest drama?

Later Michelle goes to see Vicky for answers... but what will she tell her? Will Vicky cover for Robert, or is she about to reveal that Robert is actually engaged to both of them?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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