Coronation Street SPOILERS: Peter to die as his liver starts to fail?

Peter recently started drinking again

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Peter is rushed to hospital after he’s found in a terrible state by Daniel. But will he survive?

Next week, a shocked Daniel finds Peter in Victoria Gardens, leaning against a wall, clutching his stomach and vomiting.

Daniel is horrified to see Peter’s clothes are covered in blood. As Peter slumps to the ground, Daniel panics and calls an ambulance for his brother.

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Daniel phones an ambulance for Peter. But will he be okay? (Credit: ITV)

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In the hospital, the doctor assures Peter they will do their best to stop the bleeding. However there’s a possibility he’s suffering from liver failure.

The news leaves Daniel shocked. But Peter makes him promise not to tell anyone what’s going on as he couldn’t bear for Ken and Simon to see him in such a state.

Coronation Street: Adam goes against Peter’s wishes

Peter tells Ken that it’s time to accept he’s dying (Credit: ITV)

Ignoring Daniel’s advice, Adam breaks the news to Ken about the state of Peter’s health.

Ken goes to visit his son in hospital and is shocked to realise the gravity of his condition.

Exhausted and clearly depressed, Peter tells Ken that after years of self abuse, it’s time to accept that he’s dying. Hearing this, Ken is devastated.

Later, Daniel is taken aback to discover Peter has been discharged from hospital.

Carla wants to look after Peter. But he says it’s too late (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Peter heads home and Carla soon tears a strip off him for doing a disappearing act. But she’s brought up short when he reveals that he’s been in hospital with liver failure.

She tells Peter how much she loves him and is desperate to look after him. However he’s adamant it’s too late. Will he ever be able to forgive Carla?

Next week Coronation Street airs Monday, December 28 at 7.30pm for an hour. Another hour long episode will air Wednesday December 30th at 7.30pm.

On New Year’s Eve, Corrie will air 7.30pm for half an hour. The New Year’s Eve Coronation Street episode will be an hour-long and start at 8pm.

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